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The Joint Expert Committee from Bulgaria and Macedonia will decide by the end of November whose historical hero is Tsar Samuel. The ruler is one of the historical personalities that the two nations are arguing about.

For the end of November, the third meeting between the experts of both countries is scheduled. They need to make a full review of history textbooks in Bulgaria and Macedonia. The other topic on which experts direct their efforts is to identify the events and personalities of the common history of the two countries that both nations can celebrate together.
This is just stupid. Neither nation nor state existed 1000 years ago, how can these morons even negotiate such a thing? Not to mention the fact that this specific era in Byzantine historiography has arguably the greatest lack of primary sources. Although, it is undeniable that the heart of Samuels empire was in Macedonia until its dying breath. Seriously, what more can I expect from these Balkan crapholes?
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