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Originally Posted by Risto the Great View Post
Because Bulgaria and Greece in the EU are forging ahead and living large now? What on Earth will improve for them in the EU? Maybe they can work elsewhere I guess. But the Macedonian whores are already doing that without the EU. It's a nation of whores, perhaps more energy can be devoted to that!
That seems to be the main objective as far as I can see (especially among the young). As a matter of fact, I just learnt (to my horror) that my younger cousin in Bitola just took out a Bulgarian passport. His mum defended the move as the only hope for him to have any kind of future by using his recently acquired Bulgarian passport as a ticket to escape the misery and make a life for himself abroad. I spared her from any self-righteous condemnation coming from my part but my disappointment was, and still is, palpable. As far as I'm concerned, renouncing your Macedonian identity (even if it is for economic gain and you don't really mean it) and swearing allegiance to Bulgaria with a pledge of becoming a loyal Bulgarian is no different than when many Christian Macedonian made the same pledge to renounce their faith and become Muslims about a century and a half ago. There's just no coming back from that...even if it was just a token gesture. You are permanently and dishonourably tainted. Some will argue that the hardships were so difficult that their conversion is completely understandable and even excusable. I'm not one of those people. The fact is, it was easier to become a Muslim than enduring the sufferings of a Christian enslaved by an Islamic overlord. Well, as most Christians know and will readily tell you, to be a Christian is to embrace the suffering. It's about enduring whatever life throws at you and never losing your faith or turning away from it. Unfortunately, the same is true of being Macedonian. It's not easy being Macedonian but that's no excuse for betrayal. I know that may sound easy for me to say from the comforts of my Sydney home but I'm trying very hard to empathise with those people and put myself in their shoes. Would I take that same Bulgarian road if I were in their situation? I honestly don't think I would.
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