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Default First Time Going to Macedonia

Hi everyone, hope you're all doing well. Haven't been on here posting in awhile, I couldn't log in finally was able to re set my password.

As the title says I will be going to Macedonia for the first time with two of my cousins, I've never been to Europe before so I'm really looking forward to this trip in May once I finish my exams.

My trip is for 10 days; 4 days Ohrid, 2 days Bitola (day trip to Lerin to see the village), and 4 days Skopje.

While in Ohrid we plan to take a car to see Sveti Naum, Galichitsa, & Konjsko. In Skopje we plan to take a car see Canyon Matka, and the Millennial Cross.

If anyone has any advice/tips or anything I should know, that would be greatly appreciated. Also does anyone have any recommendations on great restaurants where we will be? And is their any places I haven't mentioned that is must see; I really wanted to go and see Mavrovo+Sveti Jovan Bigorski but I think it might be too far out of the way from us.

Thank you,

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