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Originally Posted by Gocka View Post
Hope you have a good time. A few tips.

If you are going to Galichitsa make sure you go all the to the top where the vista is. It overlooks the lake, and selo Trpejca.

Also you didn't mention any of the attractions in the city itself like Tsar Samuels Fortress, St Kliment and Kaneo Churches, the Amphitheater, The walking bridge under Kaneo, the Museum, even just walking through the windy streets of the old town on the way up the hillside. There is also an awesome hiking path (paved) up behind Kaneo that wraps the whole mountain side, you get all sorts of views from it.

If you are going to go to St Naum, then there is a lot of stuff on your way. Peshtani, those little houses on the water (zalivot na koskite), Trpejca. You will pass all the beaches but it won't really be beach weather.

If you want good kebapi or burek stick to the Turkish part of the Charsija, best Pizza is at Prova Its right off the street "Makedonski Prosvetiteli", Avoid the tourist traps right near the ploshtad the food is terrible. Cuba beach night club is a nice scene but you might be going a little early. Letnica right off the ploshtad has good sweets and ice cream.

Struga is a 10 min drive from Ohrid. You can walk through the main part of town and along the Drim in an hour. Stop at the restaurant Sv Nikola for some good authentic food. I recommend taking an hour or two out of your day to see it since its right there. If you can spare another hour take another 10 minute drive from Struga to Kalishta nice sights and beaches. Keep going and you will hit Oktisi and finally Vevchani where there are some attractions and a very nice restaurant Via Ignatia

I'd cut 1 or 2 days out of Skopje and add it somewhere else, Ohrid, Bitola, or even Struga. Honestly there isn't much to see there. Its a city, relatively big for Macedonia, but on a worldwide stage its nothing special. It has all the modern things you'd find in any city and lots of fake plastic architecture. Yes there are some attractions worth seeing but in comparison to how much there is to see in Ohrid, Struga, and Bitola it seems like time wasted, especially because your trip is relatively short. If you like the city scene go for it, if you prefer to see more culture and history shorten or even replace it. Honestly the most I ever see of Skopje is when I drive to the Airport.

There are other interesting places but I don't think you have the time. Kratovo, Krushevo, Dojran.

I can tell you where everything is in Ohrid and Struga, just tell me what you are interested in. I've also got a good friend who is a phenomenal tour guide. He is like a walking text book and born to do what he does, if you need one.

I'll be going in July, shame I would have shown you around.
Thank you Gocka, I really appreciate it.

I didn't mention the attractions in Ohrid, but I know how important they are and I plan to see them. I didn't know about the hiking path behind Kaneo, it sounds cool I will add it to my list.

I will keep an eye out for those houses on water on the way to Naum, i've never heard of them before. Is it like an island?

Yeah that's a good idea. I think we will try and make our way to Struga, I've also heard lots of good things about it. The plans are still not exact so I think we might add a day to Ohrid and remove one from Skopje.

I was wondering so when we land at the airport we have a driver who will be taking us straight to Ohrid; I heard that there is a broken down 18th century church in the middle of a lake in Mavrovo. Do you know if the route from Skopje to Ohrid passes that Church? Im really intrigued by it.

Thank you.
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