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Originally Posted by Prolet View Post
Jankovska, Why did you mention Tanja Bumbar for?? I dont know her but i know her Sister who is really kind, she has a show on Telma TV. I dont think Tanja Bumbar is bad at all she gives everyone one minute to state what they like and thats that. Jankovska, When you meet these people you will see they are totally different in real life, some are stuck up and think they are something but alot of them are very down to earth, ive met many of them and i see them all the time.

Nasa TV is Pro Vlada too, the Janko Jadi Burek show is there.

Buktop, Sterjo Nakov owns half of Skopje he is the richest man in Macedonia, Skovin (The Wine) is his, Aleksandar Palace is his, he has alot of capital, Alfa TV is his he is with the Government they shut down Fershped and Lotarija Na Makedonija as punishment and thats that these are the people you either bankrupt them fully or you simply dont touch them. In USA who is going to touch Rupert Murdoch? Or in Australia who is going to touch Richard Pratt,Frank Lowy or Kerry Packer, every country has people like that we all know that.

Sterjo's son, his younger son if you see him you wouldnt believe he is rich at all, he is a very down to earth person. Nothing like his old man, i havnt met one person saying anything bad about him.
Tanja is a bad voditelka with a terrible, terrible attitude who works for the gov and will never allow anyone to publicly question the gov. No matter what the subject is if you dissagree with the gov she will tell you where to go. I have heard he be rude on many occassions and she is embaressment to the TV channel. Tell her sister to take Tanja to 'people' classes where she will learn how to speak to people. And no I am not going to change my opinion even if she is nice because when it comes to her gov she will not be nice, she probably won't even have a human behaviour. If I were her boss I'd sack her immidietly. I don't like people who behave like commies and take away the right to question the gov. She is just an example.

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