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Originally Posted by Prolet View Post
Jankovska, She sticks to the topic thats why you think she doesnt allow people to criticize, either way i think she is very good even though i dont watch the Bumbar show much when im in stari kraj.

Rogi, How do you see the Diaspora taking over the media outlets?
I watched it all the time and I grew to really hate her. By the end of the three weeks in Mako land she was the worse voditelka in my opinion. Driving through Skopje saw her, felt like coming out of the car and slapping her on the face. But than I will be arrested again and no good can come out of it
She sucks not because she gives everyone a minute, that part is fine. It's a show afterall. If you are saying nice things about Grujo you can get 2 minutes but if you are critisizing not only will she cut you off, she will not hide it how pissed she is. The woman is a waste of time. that's like giving me her job, I mean honestly? Would anyone in their right mind do it? I would be all wrong, I say thing without thinking all the time, I don't have patience with people and I should not be on TV. She is the same.
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