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lavce pelagonski 10-01-2011 09:49 PM

Albania: Census begins

01. October 2011. | 10:34 10:36

Source: Alsat

Few hours before the beginning of the census, the government asked all Albanians to take part in the registration process, regardless of the critics made by different groups of people.

Few hours before the beginning of the census, the government asked all Albanians to take part in the registration process, regardless of the critics made by different groups of people.

Director of INSTAT, Ines Nurja asked Albanians to be opened toward the employees that will work for the registration of the population. Even the representative of EUROSTAT, Pieter Everaers asked that the census should be transparent and it should be perceived only as statistics.

“During the preparatory period, since January of the last year until the last week, we have been debating and we have had complaints from different groups. Today is the moment to leave these things aside and to cooperate in this major project for the Republic of Albania. There will not be administrative measures or fines, but it is an individual obligation it is an appeal to cooperate; it is a contribution that everyone gives for himself, for his family and his country,” said Minister of Innovation, Genc Pollo.

“Open your houses to INSTAT’s employees. They have a very important mission; they will gather data, which will be used by all of us. The census will give us a clear vision of the economic-social-cultural development of all groups of people in Albania: young people, children, females, males; it will also show us the dynamic aspect of the development of the population in Albania,” said the Director of INSTAT, Ines Nurja.

“These are the recommendations of the European Commission, which should be followed in details by the candidate and aspiring countries. After that, we can make comparisons. The census is very important to understand the health condition, the income, education and future plans of your population, said EUROSTAT’s representative, Pieter Everaers.

Macedonian Minority boycotts to census

The Chairman of the Macedonian Alliance for Integration, Edmont Themelko confirmed for AS the boycott of the Macedonian minority for the census of population and houses. This decision was taken because the Macedonian minority is penalized if it declares its origin, considering that it does not appear in the register of the Albanian state.

“Article 20 of the law on the census does not allow the Albanian citizens with Macedonian origin to freely declare their Macedonian origin, which is not recognized by the country. If they declare themselves as Macedonians, they will be fined to Lek 100,000,” said Themelko.

By enlisting the areas that are inhabited by the Macedonian minority, Themelko considers the law as anti-constitutional. According to him, the statistics of Albania are based on the registration of the population during the previous system, which did not include a question on ethnic belonging.

“These citizens, who have a Macedonian origin, are not recognized by the Albanian country because at the moment, the statistics of the Albanian country belong to the previous system; no registration that included ethnic belonging was made during the period of democracy, where each citizen freely declared the ethnic group he belongs to,” said Themelko.

The census is expected to begin at October 1, regardless of all polemics that were caused by its adoption among minority groups and the civil society.


George S. 10-01-2011 11:05 PM

i'm not surprised at all about what the albanians are upto.THey are upto no good falsifying the census & the govt lets them do what they want,this is part of the reason for a civil rvolt.

Pelister 10-09-2011 09:23 PM

The Albanians are spending billions of dollars in Western Macedonia in building Albanian only suburbs, and towns. They are doing this because the pressure to assimilate is removed, and the implementation of the Framework Agreement gives them all of the local power to govern their own affairs.

Here is an example, in Debar, where Albanians have spent hundreds of millions. on two huge developments.


Scroll down to the third page and see the pictures. See the same pictures using google maps and google earth for Debar.

ProMKD 10-11-2011 09:22 AM

Notice the shiptar writing on the new health cards. WTF! This better be optional like the passports!!!!


[quote]Из*да*де*ни се пр*ви*те 50 ил*ја*ди елек*трон*ски здравс*тве*ни кар*тич*ки. Се ком*пле*ти*ра до*ку*мен*та*ци*ја*та за из*да*ва*ње 100 ил*ја*ди кар*тич*ки за јав*на*та ад*ми*нис*тра*ци*ја, а во ме*ѓув*ре*ме тоа се пра*ви и за нев*ра*бо*те*ни*те - ин*фор*ми*ра*ше Ма*ја Пар*на*џи*е*ва-Змеј*ков*ска, ди*рек*тор за Фон*дот за здравс*тве*но оси*гу*ру*ва*ње.

Таа нај*а*ви де*ка до сре*ди*на 2012 го*ди*на, оче*ку*ва*ња*та се 80 про*цен*ти од гра*ѓа*ни*те на Ма*ке*до*ни*ја да има*ат елек*трон*ски здравс*тве*ни кар*тич*ки.

Но*ви*от про*ект за прис*тап од*нос*но за ус*лу*ги*те на др*жав*ни*те ин*сти*ту*ции кон гра*ѓа*ни*те и фир*ми*те, со ак*цент на ак*цис*ки*от план за пос*те*пе*но мо*дер*ни*зи*ра*ње на ус*лу*ги*те што ги ну*ди Фон*дот за здравс*тве*но оси*гу*ру*ва*ње, бе*ше ед*на од точ*ки*те на днев*ни*от ред на пос*лед*на*та сед*ни*ца на Еко*ном*ски*от со*вет.

Ди*рек*тор*ка*та на Фон*дот ин*фор*ми*ра и де*ка ФЗО ве*ќе е елек*трон*ски по*вр*зан со Уп*ра*ва*та за јав*ни при*хо*ди и за ис*пла*та на бо*ле*ду*ва*ња, по*ро*дил*но и дру*ги на*до*мес*то*ци, но и за из*да*ва*ње си*ни кар*то*ни, со што е овоз*мо*же*но ав*то*мат*ско ос*тва*ру*ва*ње на овие пра*ва[/quote]


How come the forum won't accept my copy/paste of cyrillic?

Niko777 10-15-2011 11:39 AM

[B][COLOR="Red"]2010 statistics for Macedonia:[/COLOR]

12658 Macedonian newborns (1.3% increase from 2009)
7888 Albanian newborns (5.8% increase from 2009)

It looks like Albanians continue to have a higher birthrate than Macedonians, and their birthrate is growing faster then the Macedonians'. [/B]

George S. 10-15-2011 12:11 PM

i reckon we will eventually have worse tensions as the albanian population rises.

Niko777 10-15-2011 04:12 PM

[QUOTE]i reckon we will eventually have worse tensions as the albanian population rises.

We won't have any "tensions" because the government found a great solution: making the country bilingual, displaying Albanian flags on government buildings, allowing mosques to be built without permits, adding more Albanians in the government, etc.

ProMKD 10-18-2011 05:37 PM

Niko, where are your stats from? Without hard proof, I completely disagree that EITHER ethnic groups are having more children!

lavce pelagonski 10-18-2011 06:27 PM

Why doesnt Gruevski make a visit to Kosovo to meet his counterpart. He can convince him to make a speech that all Albanian Kosovar refugees can now return back to THEIR INDEPENDENT HOMELAND and stop making trouble in Macedonia.

George S. 10-18-2011 06:46 PM

lavce about time he did.

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