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Otis Otus 04-07-2014 07:18 AM

[QUOTE=DedoAleko;149548]Hej Otis Otus, velkommen til MT forum.
Jeg bor også i kbhs området.

Phonies visit this forum very often and that is why some members react like that. Sometimes can be a simple misunderstanding.
Everybody is more than welcome to contribute here on MT forum. All you need is to follow forum rules.


Tak. :)

[QUOTE=Risto the Great;149549]You can certainly argue your point. But to quote some single peasant Albanian seems a little lacking in the newsworthy department.[/QUOTE]

[QUOTE=George S.;149552]the albanisation of Macedonia is just that pure & simple.We don't want to know what one single Albanian thinks or says only one group for clarity.Anyway we do know whats going on thanks to the thread.If you didn't dramatise what one Albanian friend says.Even to whats going on in Macedonia there can be no shiptar friends.But some people seem to have shiptar friends.So don't get friendly too much,they are simply after Macedonia..(landgrab to you)[/QUOTE]

Okay, sorry then. :2:

George S. 04-07-2014 05:06 PM

after that introduction welcome to the forum.Happy postings.Wilkomen zu Mto forum und gluchlik post darhin.

Otis Otus 04-09-2014 01:24 AM

[QUOTE=George S.;149579]after that introduction welcome to the forum.Happy postings.Wilkomen zu Mto forum und gluchlik post darhin.[/QUOTE]

Thanks. (BTW I don't speak German)

George S. 04-09-2014 01:56 AM

I thought they speak it in Denmark but that's ok welcome & dobrodoshle.

slovenec zrinski 04-10-2014 01:41 AM

De taler dansk i Danmark Georg;)

George S. 04-10-2014 06:07 AM

sz I was under the impression that these countries speak some form of german.Da said something to him in german & I thought they speak german.I studied german for 5 years in high school.I.m not sure you got duch,swiss etc may have some kind of similirty to german.I'm no expert on which ones.

slovenec zrinski 04-11-2014 01:23 AM

Lol..since I live in Sweden I know that these languages are related...germanic languages.

DedoAleko 04-12-2014 01:57 PM

[QUOTE=George S.;149622]my main prompt was Da who welcomed him SZ in german[/QUOTE]

Hi George
I didn't welcome him in german,but in danish.
I don't know if you studied german for 5 years at school, but there is no letter (symbol)"å-Å" in the german alphabet.

p.s. We are way off topic!

George S. 04-13-2014 03:58 PM

we are way off topic.lets stop now.

George S. 04-13-2014 04:04 PM

Albanians are by passing the Macedonian school system and only studying Albanian.Subjects like historyon Macedonia,the Macedonian language are bypassed and albanians are just doing their own thing like learning Albanian.THere is nothing anyone can do to put a stop to it.More so they want Albanian to be the second language.We have to learn their language but they don't how ridiculous is that who is really ruling Macedonia.?

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