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Komita 02-07-2012 11:58 AM

[QUOTE=Niko777;119647]I think he is referring to the municipality of Cair. This has been the most Albanianized part of Skopje since 2001. Street signs, advertisements, shop signs, schools, and government buildings are all written in Albanian, not to mention the Albanian flags and Albanian street musicians, and the men with those Albanian caps and women in head scarfs. Call it what you want but one thing is clear, it doesn't look like "Macedonian territory".[/QUOTE]

It's surrounded by macedonian majority. What are they going to carve out, unless they plan to make into old Berlin.
Kumanovo is 75% macedonians so Georgievski is wrong. He tells us that all os this is because EU and NATO want to create a third albanian state yet he supports us to join those organizations.

Niko777 02-07-2012 02:41 PM

[QUOTE]It's surrounded by macedonian majority. [/QUOTE]

Yes, but if we were to look at the surrounding rural areas (Arachinovo, Saraj, Studenchani), that Macedonian majority is surrounded by a another Albanian majority.....

Look, my point is we cannot underestimate the Albanian threat

George S. 02-07-2012 03:18 PM

the govt can only blame itself nobody else successive govts trying to outdo each other to pander to the albanians.A pity they didn't know that errodes macedonian soveregnity.

Brian 02-07-2012 03:25 PM

[B][COLOR="Navy"]When are the laws of the land going to apply equally to the Albanians?[/COLOR][/B] Both ministers should be fired as well as anyone else concerned.

[QUOTE][B]DM Besimi breaks Law to Hire Mentally Unstable Soldier[/B]


Tuesday, 07 February 2012


DUI member and Defense Minister Fatmir Besimi had broken the law multiple times in order to hire the newphew of his advisor Ilmi Selami.
Ilmi Selami, who was a former president of the State Anti-Corruption Commission and current advisor to the Minister of Defense, unlawfully hired his newphew as a professional soldier in Macedonia's Armed Services after numerous scandals.

The newphew's name is Ridvan Selami who just yesterday signed a contract to work as a professional soldier in ARM, despite not meeting any of the requirements set forth.
Ridvan Selmani is born on February 10th, 1988, and in 4 days will be 24 years old.

ARM's statute clearly states an individual can not be older than 23. Becuase of his age, the Commission tasked for reviewing and accepting soldiers denied his appication.

The head of the Commission was Zlatko Kuzmanov.
After Ridvan Selami was denied acceptance, the Minister of Defense Fatmir Besimi ordered the Commission to disband, and appointed his own friend and "advisor" Ilmi Selami as the head of the new Commission (see document above).

According to Statute 36 of the ARM, an individual must have completed high school degree, to have gone volontarily through the Army Service and be no older than 23.


[B][COLOR="Navy"]According to the Military Hospital in Skopje, records show that Ridvan Selami not just that he was over the age limit,[/COLOR][COLOR="Red"] but failed the psychological test[/COLOR][COLOR="Magenta"] three times in a row![/COLOR]

[COLOR="Navy"]The psychological test reveals Ridvan Selami is psychologically unstable,[/COLOR][COLOR="Red"] described him as a ticking "time bomb" and should not be near a weapon.[/COLOR]

[COLOR="Navy"]If this is not bad enough, Ridvan Selami attacked the doctor who conducted the test, Dr. Ljubica Poposka. Military Police and local police quickly intervened and held him handcuffed for several hours until his uncle intervened for his release.[/COLOR][/B]

The newly created Commission with his uncle Ilmi Selami in charge, accepted Ridvan's application and since yesterday he is a new professional soldier.

When probed by journalists about his nephew, Ilmi Selami claimed he in no way had any influence on the selection process and isn't aware how old was his nephew!?

DM Fatmir Besimi broke the law multiple times, fired numerous people just to hire a pshychologically unstable individual?[/QUOTE]

Niko777 02-07-2012 04:11 PM

Good job Macedonia...

Risto the Great 02-07-2012 06:05 PM

Macedonian defence minister sounds silly doesn't it.
Where are the smart Macedonians in Macedonia?

Valmir 02-07-2012 10:12 PM

[QUOTE=Komita;119696]Kumanovo is 75% macedonians so Georgievski is wrong. He tells us that all os this is because EU and NATO want to create a third albanian state yet he supports us to join those organizations [/QUOTE]

I live in that city and im telling you that you are wrong my friend,Kumanovo is fifty fifty!

Brian 02-07-2012 11:49 PM

[B][COLOR="Navy"]It comes down to domination Vs equality, carring Vs self interest, fair Vs unfair practices.[/COLOR][/B]

[B]Equality Vs Domination[/B]
The Macedonians are trying to present a face of equality (ie. we're all equal) while the Albanians have a clear agenda of domination. They lie about the true percentage of population and lie on the census and voting.

They use these lies to get more seats in parliament to have a stronger say in voting for/against laws and extract further concessions like key cabinet position not only for having greater insider knowledge but also so their Albanian staffers (which the numbers can go into lots) will hold more extremely well paid jobs which in turn goes towards buying up more investments ie businesses to earn more and land.

To combat these lies and the flow on effect the true identity and status of every person in RoM should have been the government's utmost priority specifically with bio-metric systems like facial recognition so that people cannot double/triple/ect up on their identity. Civil libertarians can go smash their heads in a wall until they realise these are dire times and a system of one side playing equality while the other plays (with any legal or illegal means) domination simply does NOT WORK!

[B]Caring Vs Self interest[/B]
The Macedonians going into the diaspora rarely look back. This means their spending/saving/investing habits are centred around and viewed from the perspective of their new life in a foreign land - yippee! I earn a bucket load and can afford some of the luxuries I have always dreamed of. On the other hand the Albanians live far more frugally preferring to save more (even when the money is from legal means) to buy more investments/land back in RoM. Even when Macedonians are doing well in RoM they prefer to spend on luxuries, going out and travelling abroad - who wants land.

The Albanians buy up land, build or buy houses (but rarely apartments ie no land content) to present a dominant presence then forced the boundary changes in local areas and then continued buying up more land creating continuous stretches of Albanian dominated land - can anybody see Greater Albania? I have heard there are no Albanians in Prilep because people's neighbours will not let their neighbour sell their house to an Albanian no matter the amount offered. Maybe there's something the rest of RoM can learn from Prilepcani.

[B]Fair/Unfair practices[/B]
I have also heard Albanians rarely pay their utility bills and are allowed to slide. Over a long enough period this does allow for other costs/savings ie the cost of having another kid or paying off a loan faster.

In a not so long ago article it was said 33% of government positions were held by Albanians where as only 25% requirement was stipulated by the EU. More numbers in more secure and better paid jobs only furthers their ability to advance their personal and collective goals of buying up more investments/land.

Further, the fact that boundaries have been allowed to change means Albanians are becoming the majority in parts where they were previously not. By doing so and getting into local government they are increasingly in control of government/council money and as we all know it's not to difficult to re-prioritise spending and/or syphon off funds thus furthering their collective goal. The boandary changes are a direct result of the FA and changing demographics. Even if the FA was forced on Macedonians, stopping it's flow on effects by disproving the mythical '25%' is critical and of the utmost importance by any means.

Niko777 02-08-2012 12:16 AM

[QUOTE]The Albanians buy up land, build or buy houses (but rarely apartments ie no land content)[/QUOTE]

Have you seen the construction of new apartments in Tetovo? It is booming and it leads every other city in Macedonia (except the capital)

Albanians are a proud people, they take pride in everything they build. (unlike Macedonians who don't care)

Brian 02-08-2012 12:34 AM

[QUOTE=Niko777;119727]Have you seen the construction of new apartments in Tetovo? It is booming and it leads every other city in Macedonia (except the capital)

Albanians are a proud people, they take pride in everything they build. (unlike Macedonians who don't care)[/QUOTE]

They definitely do build nice buildings. Why wouldn't they want an nice apartment in their 'new capital'. If I were them I would want one too, but I think you will find they are more well-to-do and have other business/land interests elsewhere.

Although my statement is a generalisation and hence can automatically be shown there are exceptions I was trying to mean in part which are not already overwhelmingly or totally Albanian.

I think it would be great if someone working in the Titles Office or government statistics could post us a map of Albanian owned land.

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