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Risto the Great 04-11-2012 03:32 AM

They make it sound like its going to happen in 100 days.
A lot of assumptions there!
Either way, you would think they are the majority there right now.

MKPrilep 04-11-2012 05:01 AM

by the way, Prilep follows the example of kavardarci

Прилеп и Воден ќе реализираат заеднички проекти


[QUOTE]Во посета на општината и на градоначалникот Марјан Ристески денеска беше Димитри Џоани, градоначалник на Воден, Грција. При посетата стана збор за соработката меѓу двете општини и за проектите што ќе се реализираат. Двете општини своите капацитети ќе ги насочат кон изнаоѓање најдобри заеднички проекти се со цел користење на средствата од Европската Унија за прекугранична соработка. Ќе се реализираат проекти од областа на инфраструктурата, животната средина, културата и спортот посочија двајцата колеги. Градоначалникот на Воден Џоани, задоволен од топлиот прием истакна дека нивна цел, како на градоначалници е да ги зближат двата народа.[/QUOTE]

George S. 04-11-2012 06:18 AM

If we let them they will take over that's why a real war will prevent them from taking over.
Maybe they could all go to kosovo.

lavce pelagonski 04-11-2012 07:47 AM

Ivanov should revoke their illegal citizenship. Why doesnt Kosovo call them back like the Jews and Israel. Doesnt Ahmeti and Tachi love their beloved Kosova

lavce pelagonski 04-12-2012 05:06 AM

Agreement signed in Tirana on Greater Albania - initiators Macedonian Albanians?
Macedonia, March 26, 2012


Late last night the Serbian daily “Vechernje Novosti” reported that it has information and photographs in its possession of a recently held meeting in Tirana during which an initiative was signed that supports the idea of ​​unification of all Albanian territories - or the so-called Albanian state “Ilirida”. This information was also expressed and carried by B92.

According to the Serbian daily, Albanian radical representatives from Macedonia and Albania were deciding the borders for “Ilirida” within which encompassed areas of geographic Macedonia.

The agreement was signed by the leadership of the so-called “Republic of Ilirida” consisting of members from the Republic of Macedonia and from the leadership of the “Albanian Parliament of Patriots” including the self-appointed President Nevzat Halili, Prime Minister Salman Baki and Taulant Venka Tsapa.

The document from Tirana contained four parts which specified the conditions and how to set up a new state in the Balkans.

According to the Serbian daily “Vechernje Novosti” the information for the agreement surfaced after frequent radical statements made by political representatives of Albanians in Skopje, Pristina and Tetovo.

“Macedonia is an artificial creation,” said Thachi for Tirana TV “Ora Njuz” where he stressed that he supports the position of Kosovo Prime Minister Hashim Thachi that all Albanians need to unite with Albania. “It is a fair statement, it is an historic dream of Albanians and a desire that comes from the heart,” said Thachi for “Ora Njuz”.

“Kosovo has the right to unite with Albania. We want the people of Kosovo to decide their own fate, to have their own army and to unite with Albania,” - said Aljbin Kurti, leader of the Kosovo “self-determination” body. According to the latest Gallup survey - Balkan monitor- which was conducted last year, the creation of Greater Albania is supported by;

63 percent of the residents in Albania
81 percent of the Albanians in Kosovo
53 percent of the Albanians in Macedonia.

The Serbian daily “Vechernje Novosti” would also like to remind the reader that a unilateral referendum of the Albanian population in Macedonia for the formation of “Ilirida” was held on January 11 and 12, 1992 when a decision was adopted, almost unanimously, declaring territorial and political autonomy for the Albanians in that country. The formalization of this decision took place on December 27, 1991. Albanians then boycotted the Macedonian referendum on secession from Yugoslavia, under the pretext that the new constitution was unfavorable for the Albanians.

Halili, the key promoter of the project “Ilirida”, suggested to first form an autonomous region of Albanians in Macedonia and then create the new Albanian state “Ilirida”. Two years ago he and the self-proclaimed president of the republic “Ilirida”, emphasized that the second phase is on course for putting into effect the will of the Albanians, writes the Serbian daily “Vechernje Novosti”.

The idea of ​​a joint Albanian state was started by the Prizren League and has been simmering since the time of Yugoslavia, with greater intensity after the break up of Yugoslavia, concludes the Serbian daily “Vechernje Novosti”

George S. 04-12-2012 05:18 AM

Macedonia shouldn't support them at all since they aren't proper macedonian citizens.THey should find some way so that they are not locked in a loop where they are just giving in to them

Big Chukalo 04-12-2012 12:20 PM

Will the Albanians be ceding the lands in Albania where Macedonians live and have lived?

Didn't think so.

George S. 04-12-2012 12:25 PM

BC they are locked in to the ohrid agreement??The albanians are trying to take us over.I would not be surprised if the macedonians in albania get booted out to rom.AS to a war it is inevitable that it's coming.THe albanian issue has to be dealt with as the question of sovereignity is insurmountable.Also the macedonians in albania are being badly being treated.

Čento 04-13-2012 04:55 AM

Souvenirs in the Airport Alexander the Great in Skopje.

[QUOTE][B]Аеродром „Александар Велики“ во… (ФОТОГАЛЕРИЈА)[/B]
12 апр 2012 21:23

Во единствената продавница за сувенири на новиот скопски аеродром – се продаваат приврзоци, капи, маици, пенкала… На најголем дел од нив се симболите на…. (види фото). Странецот што првпат влегува во Македонија и сака да купи некое сувенирче, навистина ќе остане збунет за тоа каде всушност слетал.

Збунет читател







Čento 04-13-2012 04:56 AM

Siptarian souvenirs in the Airport Alexander the Great in Skopje.

[QUOTE]Аеродром Александар Велики во (ФОТОГАЛЕРИЈА)
12 апр 2012 21:23

Во единствената продавница за сувенири на новиот скопски аеродром се продаваат приврзоци, капи, маици, пенкала На најголем дел од нив се симболите на. (види фото). Странецот што првпат влегува во Македонија и сака да купи некое сувенирче, навистина ќе остане збунет за тоа каде всушност слетал.

Збунет читател






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