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Niko777 04-19-2012 04:29 PM

[B]After everything that has happened last week....
[SIZE="4"][COLOR="Red"][B]Macedonia invites Albanian President Bamir Topi for a friendly visit![/B][/COLOR][/SIZE]



George S. 04-19-2012 05:10 PM

gruevski is ready & willing to compromise his country to greater albania.I'm surprised i see the ventilator flying usually it's only the 2 headed eagle.

Vangelovski 04-19-2012 08:31 PM

[quote=George S.;125791]I'm surprised i see the ventilator flying usually it's only the 2 headed eagle.[/quote]It must be a "special" occasion.

Niko777 04-19-2012 11:30 PM

[B][SIZE="5"]Cair Mayor Medziti: [COLOR="Red"]Skopje has historically been a very important city in Albania!!![/COLOR]

[B][SIZE="5"]Also, Medziti tells us what the Macedonian government won't: [COLOR="Red"]"Moreover, the Ministry of Health has over 50% Albanian employees, the Ministry of Economy has 37%..."[/COLOR][/SIZE][/B]




"For the first time, the Chair (the first unit of the Albanian municipal leaders in Skopje), Struga and Kicevo soon have to head to head an Albanian. This came as a result of territorial division, conducted in 2004 and I am in this position for a second term. This qualitative development has enabled the Albanians to first decide on their priorities, resolving fundamental problems than those commonly associated with the infrastructure or the quality of services. To stay here, since I have been elected to the office of mayor of Cair, Skopje's Albanian national symbols are restored. It is important to note because before there was a strategy to strip Skopje's historic importance and meaning it has for the Albanians. [B]It is known that Skopje until the '70s has been a city with more Albanians, earlier it was the center of the vilayet of Kosovo, previously it has historically been a very important city in Albania.[/B] [B]This process has involved not only the municipality of Cair that is the heart of Skopje, but the entire city, our national flag is equal to the state flag. [/B]Also in 2002 it was decided the monument of Skanderbeg, in a country that will soon be the name of the largest square of Macedonia. Illyria was founded museum that includes the period of the Albanian League of Prizren to the National Liberation Army. [B]These days it is the end process of renaming the street in Skopje, including first names and events of our history, from the Illyrian period to the new Albanian history. I will mention some of them: King Gent, Queen Teuta, the name Illyria, Arber, Hasan Pristina to reach up to Azem Hajdari.[/B] Also in the main square of Skopje, "Makedonia", along with Alexander the Great, will be placed memorials Nexhat Agolli shot dead by the communists, Peter and Joseph Bageri Bogdani. The competition was conducted and work has begun. So even for tourists to come to Skopje, with our religious diversity is an asset of ours, but persevere along the Albanian Skanderbeg monument represented with Mother Teresa and Peter Bogdani, European and popular figure."

Read the whole interview here (in Albanian): [url][/url]

[COLOR="Red"][SIZE="3"][B]I just want to mention that none of the Macedonian media has picked this up, the MTO forum is the first to expose this to Macedonians. Maybe someone should email this to some Macedonian media outlets[/B][/SIZE][/COLOR]

ProMKD 04-21-2012 02:15 AM

While we can agree that FA employment is widely acceptable, I'm sure we can also agree that it is Medzitis job to give made-up, crazy, inflated numbers. I don't believe that shit for a minute, I hope you don't!

Risto the Great 04-21-2012 03:20 AM

[QUOTE=ProMKD;125877]While we can agree that FA employment is widely acceptable[/QUOTE]
What makes you think we agree with that?
I would rather see 100% ethnic Albanian employment if they are the best for the job. Plain & simple.

ProMKD 04-21-2012 08:39 AM

[QUOTE=Risto the Great;125890]What makes you think we agree with that?
I would rather see 100% ethnic Albanian employment if they are the best for the job. Plain & simple.[/QUOTE]
You misunderstood me. I said we can agree that the FA is widely acceptable - i meant to the institutions in Macedonia.

Therefore, I'm saying, although we all agree that the government employs shiptars for the sake of them being shiptars, I still disagree with the numbers that medziti picked out of the air.

United MKD 04-23-2012 10:28 AM

[QUOTE]Искршени 30 крстови на православните гробишта во Лабуништа

Триесетина крстови на православните гробишта во струшко Лабуништа биле осквернавен вчера вечерта од непознати сторители.

Според полицијата, сторителите ги извадиле крстовите и однеле пред црквата Свети Никола каде ги искршиле.

Полицијата трага по сторителите.[/QUOTE]


[QUOTE]Ограбени цркви во Тетовско и во Кичевско

Две цркви во Тетовско и една во Кичевско биле ограбени вчера вечерта.

Во тетовско Непроштено биле ограбени црквите Свети Илија и Свети Ѓоргија. Непознати разбојници насилно влегле во црквите и украле 260 денари и една рачна косилка за трева.

Во кичевско Тајмиште пак била ограбена црквата Свети Петар и Павле. Засега не се знае сумата на пари што ги украл разбојникот.

Полицијата презема мерки за расветлување на случаите.[/QUOTE]


ProMKD 04-23-2012 12:30 PM

I read none of this in the mainstream papers. What does that tell you? THe Gov`t just annoucned 250,000 euros to plant 3 врби ( I think willow tree in english? ) in Vardar, and the company who will get this money is some shiptar company from a village outside of tetovo. WTF. There needs to be a public outcry.

Skopje 2014 is beautiful, but this tree garbage is clearly corruption!!!

George S. 04-23-2012 04:28 PM

United MKD,thanks for bringing it up, i wonder what action the authorities are taking to prevent the wanton destruction & desecration of churches & graves.I think that is pretty low when the perpetrators think they can get away because the law is lax.Or because of political expediency it is swept under the carpet.

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