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Bill77 05-02-2011 06:20 PM

[QUOTE=ennea;97364] The ones that are No 1 minority (i.e. more than 2-3% in Albania and more than 0,6-0,7% in Greece) are a wishful thinking or a product of your imagination.[/QUOTE]Malaka, i am not disputing (after you sugested its not the case)that Macedonians are not the largest minority in Albania, to suggest so, shows Its your imagination, and its coming out of your ass. You can now supply a CIA factbook stats, but it does not change you initially threw in a wiki link. Move on and give us something interesting.

In regards to Greece, Macedonians being the largest minority is a fact. Giving political party results as an indication of ethnicity and how many there are is a joke.

Go and have the last say you rat bag.

Risto the Great 05-02-2011 06:33 PM

Bill, there is no need to call ennea a malaka. It is easy to ignore your important comments when you resort to language like that.

ennea 05-02-2011 06:54 PM

[QUOTE=Risto the Great;97369]Bill, there is no need to call ennea a malaka. It is easy to ignore your important comments when you resort to language like that.[/QUOTE]
In Greece, malaka can be an affectionate and pally address.

Risto the Great 05-02-2011 07:08 PM

ennea, I have a feeling Bill is not being affectionate.

Bill77 05-02-2011 09:01 PM

[QUOTE=Risto the Great;97371]ennea, I have a feeling Bill is not being affectionate.[/QUOTE]I should have said "Pusti Malaka" i apologise. JK :innocent:

come on Greek mates always call each other "vre malaka".
I am not Greek though (nor have i known him long enough to call him a friend) but that can change. Nonetheless, surely you don't have to be Greek to be allowed to use such words. And it was kind of in a affectionate manner, but i will admit, the affection i am having is waring out slightly, each time he suggests the Macedonian minority in Greece is insignificant and uses stupid examples such as there are more Muslims, or females, or drops of water in the ocean then there are Macedonians. Or if you don't vote for the Rainbow Party you are not a Macedonian or you don't exist.

By the way ennea, regarding this,

[QUOTE=ennea;97364] We can't do that. Their treatment and privileges are based on the Treaty of Lausanne. It's not 18th century, but it's... 1923 (a little dated).[/QUOTE]Since when does Greece respect treaties, or any other deals and orders that are produced to Greece.

(lets take it elsewhere and keep this thread on subject)

indigen 05-02-2011 10:03 PM

[QUOTE=Droog;97352]Instead of responding with the too-common outburst you should check the stats before jumping to conclusions. [/quote]
You and other anti-Macedonian propagandists are polluting this very, very useful (to Macedonians) topic thread and you have the nerve to accuse me of "outbursts". I wonder how on topic your propagandist Shiptar drivel is?

[QUOTE][QUOTE]Originally Posted by indigen View Post
You are either very ignorant or you here to spread cheap Shiptar propaganda, IMHO! [SIZE="4"][COLOR="Red"][B]The fact IS that the Ghegs (DUI) threatened WAR when there was a prospect of leaving them out of the Government in 2006 and there is no legitimate legal obligation to include Gheg parties in any government whatsoever, even in the FA! Go and do some research on the topic and then try to speak about it![/B][/COLOR][/SIZE] I despise liars and cheap underhand propagandists, especially anti-Macedonian ones posting on a Macedonian forum!!![/QUOTE]
Gruevski's coalition had 63 seats(Gruevski's party by itself didn't have more than 60), so of course he was obliged to ally himself with one of the Albanian parties. [/QUOTE]
Did you read and comprehend what I have highlighted above? Obviously NOT! Go and check your facts for what DUI threatened after 2006 elections in Macedonia before you continue to spread more Shiptar BS on here!!!

A majority of 63 is too unstable even if they are all controlled by one party, not to mention how much more unstable such a majority becomes when those 63 seats are divided among small parties like the union of Roma[/QUOTE]
63 is sufficient to form a minority government but DUI has a different logic and perspective of how governments in MK should be formed, and it has nothing in common with NORMAL DEMOCRACY as understood in the west!

[QUOTE]PRESS - Дневник

Никола Груевски пред искушение

[B][COLOR="Red"]ДУИ бара влада по своја рамковна верзија

Во државата има две мнозинства, македонско и албанско и победничките партии треба да ја формираат владата, велат во ДУИ[/COLOR][/B]

Средбата на лидерот на ДУИ, Али Ахмети, со поранешните команданти на ОНА, во ВМРО-ДПМНЕ ја толкуваат како директна уцена да продолжат разговорите за влез на ДУИ во владата. Во партијата на Никола Груевски се категорични дека нема да попуштат пред [B][COLOR="Red"]притисокот што го врши Ахмети и прво бараат ДУИ да се огради од заканите со калашникови и бунт на албанскиот народ,[/COLOR][/B] па потоа би продолжиле преговори за формирање влада.

Во саботата Ахмети се сретна со командантите од војната во 2001 година во партиското седиште во Мала Речица и им рекол дека одговорно ќе ги застапува гласачите што ја поддржаа ДУИ.

ДУИ го отфрли барањето на ВМРО-ДПМНЕ да се огради од изјавите на нејзините челници дека ќе има и калашникови и бунт на албанскиот народ ако останат во опозиција. Според портпаролката Ермира Мехмети, според рамковниот договор, во Македонија треба да функционира консензуалната демократија.....[...]...[/quote]

The above is a hint of what I am talking about and what you keep ignoring, like you ignored the post below.


[QUOTE=Droog;96548]a)Do you have any proof about the illegal mosques? I like neither mosques nor churches, but unless there is some proof to back up your statements you're repeating the same old school Balkans propaganda.[/quote]
And what will you do if there is proof?

[QUOTE]b)What does "Macedonians have been kicked out eg aracinovo." mean? Did someone force them out of the settlement or did they sell their houses and just left?[/QUOTE]
Do you read this forum (this topic)? The practice of clearing out non-Ghegs in Kosovo and Western (and North-Western) parts of Macedonia follows a formula and is (and has been) systematic. How is it possible that all the villages around Skopje that were once (certainly before WWII) predominantly Macedonian and Orthodox are now almost exclusively Gheg and Muslim?

[QUOTE]c)Everywhere where minorities are respected they're allowed to wave their own flag? What's so wrong with that?[/QUOTE]
[COLOR="Red"][B]Not if those minorities are not loyal to the state and have treasonous and separatist tendencies and engage in seditious activities![/B][/COLOR]

[quote]d)Macedonians forced to learn Albanian? If you actually spent some time on learning what's going on in Albania instead of imagining a widespread persecution of Macedonians by Albanians, you'd know that Macedonians of Albania have their own Macedonian schools.[/QUOTE]
Only in one small area, only to a limited capacity and with very little to no Albanian state support. In Golo Brdo, Gora and major urban centres where Macedonans live, they enjoy no minority rights.

Komita 05-03-2011 09:18 AM

[QUOTE=Niko777;97269][B][U]Skopje City Transportation (JSP) Becomes Bilingual, [COLOR="Red"]Albanian "SHKUP" Written on all New City Buses[/COLOR][/U][/B]


Enlarged image, This is the company's new logo.

Makedonecot = Skrzava, sebicna stoka koj za pari ke si ja prodade sopstvenata majka.

Niko777 05-09-2011 11:56 AM

[U][COLOR="Red"][B]New Skopje Municipal Building Inaugurated with Albanian Flag[/COLOR][/U]
Municipality of Butel opened the doors to its new building. Although the Macedonians are overwhelmingly the majority, the Albanian National flag flies first.[/B]


Voltron 05-09-2011 12:20 PM

I never did understand having a soverign flag in another soverign country. If the Rep of Macedonia already respects their rights as Macedonian citizens then they should respect the flag of the country they reside in. Only in cases like in America when we have Greek fest or an Greek American building will both flags be shown. But not in every Municipality of the USA. A line has to be drawn somewhere and the Albanian political parties of Macedonia should own up to this. Thats my take on this.

btw - nice buses.

Onur 05-09-2011 02:59 PM

[QUOTE=Voltron;97939]I never did understand having a soverign flag in another soverign country.[/QUOTE]

Me neither. Also by doing this, Macedonian government ignores the all other minorities who lives in Macedonia except Albanians. It`s like an announcement of giving a privilege to the Albanians inside the country even tough the treatment they get should be no different than Turkish or Roma people.

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