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Soldier of Macedon 02-09-2012 05:42 AM

[QUOTE=Voltron;119798]No, its not. Are you some isolated Amazon tribe that needs assistance from being wiped out ?[/QUOTE]
Is that what you're waiting for, the Macedonian, Albanian and Vlach tongues to become near extinct before assistance will be provided?
[QUOTE]Irrelevant, an African is not from the Balkans.[/QUOTE]
Go to Macedonia and see how quick you can become a Macedonian.
[QUOTE]That reference to 45% just to entertain that notion must apply then to the village where the Arvanites resided in.[/QUOTE]
You're being nonsensical, it was in reference to Greece, not a village.
[QUOTE]Other than that I cant think of any other way how that would make sense. That would mean 4 out of 10 Greeks are Arvanites. Hardly.[/QUOTE]
You find it hard to believe because you disregard other peoples that resided there, in addition to the actions of the Patriarchate, Philhellenes and Greek state. Once you stop deluding yourself, it might start making some sense.
[QUOTE]So why couldnt we do the same to the Pomaks in Thrace. What is it about them that they somehow escaped the Greek masterplan.[/QUOTE]
They were Muslim. That should be obvious, pick up your game.
[QUOTE]You have the same perception as Albanians do today. Both come from post communist countries with a new outlook on their identity.[/QUOTE]
No, we just base our ethnicity on common elements that are seemingly lacking among many of your so called 'Greeks'. It was the same before communism.
[QUOTE]Along with Language and Location comes Culture.[/QUOTE]
If you making reference to Greece, it doesn't mean native cultures cease to be practiced.
[QUOTE]Part of culture or traditional common shared values is religion. If someone changes that they no longer share a common value therefore they dont fit into their ethnos.[/QUOTE]
Part of culture is religion, but when basically all other aspects of culture are shared, including language, then their true ethno-linguistic heritage can hardly be denied, especially when they themselves identify as Macedonians.
[QUOTE]That is why Albanians and Macedonians have a flawed outlook into how they view their counterparts by saying even muslim ones fit the grade. The only way to justify this view is to then imply some type of genetic purity, but we all know that doesnt hold any weight.[/QUOTE]
No need to justify it through genetic purity, because ancestry, culture and language demonstrate more than enough. Macedonian Muslims only accepted Islam around the 19th century.
[QUOTE]If Slavic is a linguistic term and not ethnos by your own view than they are considered Slavic speaking Greeks.[/QUOTE]
That is like saying Slavic-speaking Hungarians instead of Slovaks from Hungary. It's stupid. Those people are descendants of Macedonians who emigrated from a part of Macedonian territory that was annexed by Greece.
[QUOTE]I was taking your and other posters word for it when I made that comment. Im sure there were some harsh policies put in place in Macedonia at times due to political events or as collateral damage from the Greco-Bulgarian fallout but thats about it.[/QUOTE]
You don't need to take our word on it, the evidence is there and clear.
[QUOTE]Islam will override any type of ethnic ties at any given time. Their religion takes precedence so to try to include those people into your ethnos is impossible. Its just hopeless and will not work.[/QUOTE]
Time will tell, but I see no need to deny them their Macedonian heritage if they choose to embrace it.

Carlin 01-06-2013 01:56 PM


:blink: and this is in 1916,,,,,,:21:[/QUOTE]

Nice TM. Can I please make use of your stuff/research material? Thanks.

momce 01-06-2013 03:11 PM

Greece are the same as being confused. The "greek culture" is almost nonexistant and is just a forgery invented by Church officials, business circles and administrative classes.

TrueMacedonian 01-06-2013 04:04 PM

[QUOTE=Carlin;138298]Nice TM. Can I please make use of your stuff/research material? Thanks.[/QUOTE]

Sure Carlin. Have at it.

George S. 01-06-2013 05:47 PM

Greeks are pretty low they can't admit who they are they are constantly changing.Whether it be a flag,symbol,or the name of a country.

Carlin 01-11-2013 07:08 PM

[QUOTE=TrueMacedonian;138300]Sure Carlin. Have at it.[/QUOTE]

Thanks, appreciate it.

Btw, how do I attach entire screenshots 'inside' the page? Do you use/recommend anything?

tchaiku 04-21-2017 09:50 AM

[QUOTE=Daniel the Great;61053]They truly have a identity crisis no doubt about it. The modern Greeks hate the Albanians with a passion but they don't realize that they are only hating their own people.
Very sad that they can't accept and embrace there true identity the Albanian identity.[/QUOTE]

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