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Big Bad Sven 02-15-2012 07:51 PM


Kосово се пресметува со Србија на грбот на Македонија

[B]Statement by Vice President of the Kosovo Assembly, Xhavit Haliti, that if changes occur Kosovo has borders will require part of Macedonia, the ruling DUI interpreted as a warning, not as a threat or territorial claims of Kosovo to Macedonia[/B]


I think this statement is more then just a Warning.....for Macedonians[/QUOTE]

Watch now how DPmNE allows shiptars to build more mosques, albanian cultural centers, start turning albanian terrorists into macedonian heroes and change more signs and names into the shiptar language and promote more unqualified shiptars in higher places in government - maybe that will help make the shiptars quite and respect macedonia more like it did in the past (not)

Brian 02-15-2012 08:50 PM

[QUOTE]statement is logically warning about what would happen if they violate the rule that no change of borders. In such a situation is no longer important what they think Kosovo officials, but politicians-Albanians from Macedonia.[B][COLOR="Navy"] If the Serbs of Kosovo believe that every street in which they live is Serbian, then it is expected the Albanians in Macedonia think that belongs to every street where they live.[/COLOR][/B] Statement Haliti more I see it as prevention rather than a threat, that if Kosovo politicians have such intentions it can not do otherwise - says analyst Kim Mehmeti.[/QUOTE]

It's from the same article above.

What does whatever Serbia does have to do with Macedonia?

The way I read it, 'If the tough guy (Serbia) grabs their land then they will grab the piss-weak guy's (Macedonia) land.' If that's not a threat, what is?

I'm sure there's Albanians living in Serbia proper, then if they are so tough why don't they suggest the Albanians living in Serbia claim every street they live in as Albanian?

ProMKD 02-15-2012 08:51 PM

[QUOTE=George S.;120265]Niko risto has got a valid point.You have to also know why the albanians are doing it.[b]They were kicked out by the communists after world war 2 so in essence there can not be going back to albania as a muslim.[/b]So what are the albanians doing is creating their own country.At the moment a countey within a country & eventually to take over the whole of macedonia.Precisely we are victims of the balkan mindset.This has happened countless times.Where is macedonia to be seen fighting for her freedom to link up the rest of macedonia together as one.They can't even keep the one together at the moment.[/QUOTE]

Are you saying that shiptars can't go back to albania because they are muslim? If so, :welcome to bardovci. (mental hospital just outside of Skopje for those that don't know).

Niko777 02-15-2012 11:27 PM

I don't care what anyone says, this is an official territorial claim from Kosovo!!!

The Macedonian government should:
a) close borders with Kosovo
b) withdraw recognition
c) issue a trade embargo

If the Macedonian government does not at least condemn the statement, than Macedonia has sunk even further to a new low where it will never see the light of day!

Now I really want Kosovo to partition to see how it will play out...

Risto the Great 02-15-2012 11:29 PM

[QUOTE=Niko777;120356]If the Macedonian government does not at least condemn the statement, than Macedonia has sunk even further to a new low where it will never see the light of day![/QUOTE]
It won't and it has.

MKPrilep 02-16-2012 02:00 AM

[CODE]And for some reason the new churches that do get built are usually the size of a small room that can fit 10 people and they are never built in proper Byzantine proportions but rather are done in a very plain non-traditional manner. Whereas the mosques that are being built are very tall with wide domes so that anyone that is passing by cannot help but notice them.

I agree with you 100%
I always asked me how itīs possible
that the albaniens build in every corner of macedonia a new huge mosque,
of which you can see the rockets from a distance
and the macedonians are not capable to build new churches
and if, it is always a small church.
In Prilep they are now building a new, bigger church but it took
a few years and several donate actions.
But around prilep, each village has a big mosque.
How is that possible?
Unfortunately I have to say itīs not only criminal money but their faith is much stronger than ours.
No one wants to donate for new churches and if they achieve to collect some money,
then some idtiot steals it like last year in the village prilepec.

lavce pelagonski 02-16-2012 06:24 AM

[url=]Vojna vo Makedonija 2001 - War in Macedonia 2001 - pesna za Karpalak - YouTube[/url]

Volk 02-16-2012 09:17 AM


[QUOTE]Amid Doubts, Macedonia Doubles NATO Membership Efforts

Macedonia is working to achieve its strategic goal -- NATO as well as EU membership -- and is undertaking a diplomatic offensive to attain membership in the Alliance at the upcoming Chicago summit in May.

"We should do everything to succeed, but must be aware this may not give the desired results," former Ambassador Risto Nikovski told SETimes.

Many analysts believe Macedonia will likely not succeed in Chicago given Greece's opposition -- NATO enlargement so far is not on the summit agenda -- and should consequently expand its existing relationships.

"Macedonia has alternatives it should work out and they need not include Eurasia," Nikovski said.

Options include better exploiting opportunities of the Strategic Partnership Agreement with the United States, strengthening the partnership with Turkey and other countries, but also approaching Israel, according to analyst Jovan Donev of the Euro Balkan Institute.

"It is harder and may cost more, but we should try. ...We are not married to NATO or the EU. Many countries are not members but are very prosperous and successful," Donev told SETimes.

Polls have consistently shown about 90% approval rate for NATO and EU membership, with periodic drops in support.

Nearly 40% of the polled say, however, Macedonia's name should be preserved at the cost of foregoing membership, according to the local NGO Macedonian Centre for International Co-operation.

"EU-scepticism and NATO-scepticism here are far lower than the conditions and the treatment posed by NATO and the EU would suggest. ... We are ready to wait, to tolerate," Nikovski said.

The opposition however, criticised the government for sending mixed messages to Brussels while announcing it pursues a diplomatic offensive for Chicago.

"We have been calling on the prime minister to ... say whether Macedonia has another alternative, because the road without NATO is very steep, very tough," Social Democratic Union Vice President Gordan Georgiev said.

Opposition Liberal Democratic Party representative Nano Ruzhin blames the government's strategy for diminishing Macedonia's Euro-Atlantic prospects long-term.

"It has a dampening influence over us -- the funds for army reforms are reduced and the discipline to respect democratic standards lowered," Ruzhin told SETimes.

The Albanian Democratic Union for Integration (DUI) party -- a governing coalition partner -- is the only relative corrector to the government's approach, according to Ruzhin.

"If the (ruling) VMRO-DPMNE must choose between the name and NATO, they clearly say they will chose the name. If DUI must choose between NATO and being in power, they will likely choose being comfortable and the economic benefits that go with being in government," he said.

Former Foreign Affairs Minister Slobodan Chashule told SETimes the opposition claims are utopian.

"Macedonia is dedicated to NATO membership as never before and there is no straying from the course. The daily lobbying efforts by our officials are unbeatable proof we consider the US to be our number one strategic partner," Chashule said.

"No less important, Macedonia has intensive co-operation with Turkey, the US's biggest ally in the region, and we participate in the military mission in Afghanistan and in Iraq and did in Bosnia before that," he added.

Albanian analysts argue any option other than Euro-Atlantic integration can be dangerous to Macedonia's multi-ethnic stability.

[B][SIZE="6"]"We must know that NATO and the EU are the only pillars that are holding our survival. Without them, there is no state," FON University Professor Mersel Biljali[/SIZE][/B] told SETimes.

You can imagine what this university professor is teaching his students

Niko777 02-16-2012 07:12 PM

Because the real mosques were not enough...
A new fad in Skopje has started where Albanians are building mosques out of snow.



lavce pelagonski 02-17-2012 12:34 AM

This is official letters written in shiptarski from minister besimi.


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