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George S. 09-14-2012 07:11 PM

epirot i see your answer but your side seems to be hell bent on asking for more & more priveleges.A privelege is not a right.We have given you way beyond the becond call.look at the ohrid framework agreement really advocates secession the way it operates.You are merely asking too much.I would expect minorities to have so much rights but not the way the albanians have got it.I have no problems with albanians as minorities getting the same rights of normal macedonians.Remember what rights can people have before they turn into special priveleges when they go beyond the normal citizens of macedonia.I could understand you if you were indigenous to macedonia but you are not.
SO the albanians have gone too far asking for more & more priveleges of which aren't really rights.Macedonia really has met most of the rights long time ago as to culture && others.Macedonia gave you your first tv station in albanian ahead of even albania opening one.Giving you seats on parliament etc .But your agenda is not to be at peace but to cause continual problems.How ridiculous can it get amnesty for terorists,killings of civilians etc.
The answer to the problem is not exchange of territory but one where the albanians live at peace withthemselves & Macedonians.If they are getting all the rights of a citizen of macedonia that's what they should expect.

Risto the Great 09-14-2012 10:36 PM

[QUOTE=vicsinad;133697]There's that SDSM stuff again... at least now there's recognition that I'm Macedonian and not Serbian :clap: [/QUOTE]I never thought you were Serbian Vic. The SDSM stuff came about because your father was a SDSM Diaspora candidate and you have displayed Serbian sympathies along with a disregard for Macedonia's sovereignty by suggesting the Framework Agreement is a reasonable solution for Macedonians. It is utterly SDSMistic.

This in no way represents my support for DPmNE because they have shown little more in the way of promise for Macedonia.

[QUOTE=vicsinad;133697]Anyway, I simply think that Vangelovski was over-exaggerating the ramifications of that particular section of the OFA. Because I suggest that one "principle" may not be as damaging, irrational and unjust as some have pointed it out to be does not suggest anything about any of my other views on any other part of the OFA.[/QUOTE]I think Vangelovski hit the nail on the head. Why does the ethnic Albanian vote carry more weight than the Macedonian vote?

I wouldn't have banned you for an instant. I just think your brand of "reasonableness" has been well and truly implemented in Macedonia. And Niko777 has well and truly documented the ramifications thereof on this thread.

Vangelovski 09-16-2012 06:08 PM

[B]'Defenders' law shakes Macedonia politics[/B]

A draft law that would regulate the special and social rights of those who defended the sovereignty of Macedonia during the 2001 conflict was proposed to parliament on Tuesday (September 11th).

The legislation, tabled by the ruling VMRO-DPMNE, has prompted its coalition partner, the Albanian Democratic Union for Integration (DUI), to threaten to leave the governing coalition and call early parliamentary election if the proposed law is not withdrawn.

At issue is the DUI's insistence that the legislation provide compensation and special rights for other victims of the conflict in 2001, specifically the combatants of the National Liberation Army (NLA).

The military conflict in Macedonia in 2001 began when the Albanian paramilitary formation NLA attacked the security forces of Macedonia. The conflict ended with the signing of the Ohrid Framework Agreement in August the same year.

Prime Minister Nikola Gruevski said that the VMRO-DPMNE will not allow the dignity of the Macedonian people to be trampled on in exchange for a ruling position.

"This law will repay the long-term injustice toward all those who have given the lives for Macedonia in 2001, towards those who gained permanent disabilities and towards those who were on the shield of the peace and sovereignty of our fatherland," Kiro Kirov, the co-ordinator of the defenders' organisation Rampart.

"It is a division along ethnic lines. The time when Albanians were afraid of the Macedonians is past. The public will be witness to a long challenging debate on a law that is inconsistent with the Ohrid Framework Agreement. It is a universal principle and on behalf of the protection of these universal principles we will vote against this draft law," Ermira Mehmeti, DUI spokesperson, told SETimes.

A law for defenders was put into place in January 2002. The new draft-law envisions compensation for disabled war veterans and the families of deceased soldiers, free primary health care for defenders and the families of deceased soldiers and free medical treatment for those who were wounded.

Under the draft law, the state will employ one member of the family of deceased members of the security forces, and all defenders should have an advantage in finding employment. Veterans of the security forces and their families are entitled to receive housing loans that are 50 percent paid by the state.

"The law on defenders must not have a place for members of the NLA. They have been amnestied by law of the criminal offenses in 2002, and the Albanian minority has obtained wide rights with the Ohrid Framework Agreement. However if, by any circumstances, they obtain place in the law," it would be like rewarding terrorists, Predrag Petrusevski Bingo, president of the defenders association Kumanovo 2001, told SETimes.

According to the Association of Disabled War Veterans, the proposed changes to the law "bear the moral and political victory of the defenders, because they mean that they receive help as recognition for their merit to the state."

The relations of the two coalition partners, VMRO-DPMNE and DUI has been on shaky footing since last month, when Defense Minister Fatmir Besimi and several army officers attended a ceremony honouring members of NLA that were killed during the conflict.

"Fragile interethnic relations as we have, very quickly can fire up to unwanted consequences. I would recommend to the government partners not to play with inter-ethnic relations," Vlado Dimovski, secretary-general of the Centre for Interethnic Tolerance, told SETimes.



It won't be too long before NLA terrorists and war criminals are covered by this legislation.

Vangelovski 09-16-2012 06:16 PM

[B]Macedonia Threatens Schools Over Albanian Plaques[/B]


Minister orders four schools in a mainly Albanian part of the capital to remove their new Albanian names on the grounds that they are illegal.
Sinisa Jakov Marusic BIRN Skopje

The four schools at the centre of the dispute lie in mainly Albanian areas of the Macedonian capital but are currently named after Macedonian heroes.

Education Minister Pance Kralev threatened to press charges if the Skopje municipality of Cair fails to remove the plaques, put up two weeks ago.

“The first move is to press charges for the offence... afterwards, if they do nothing, we have other mechanisms at disposal,” Kralev warned on Thursday, without specifying what he had in mind.

Kralev said that he remained optimistic that the problem could be solved by agreement and that police would not be needed to remove the disputed plaques.

The local authority in Cair renamed "Cvetan Dimov" school as "Hasan Pristina", while "Rajko Zinzifov" became "Ismail Kjemali", "Nikola Vapcarov" became "Imri Elezi" and "Jane Sandanski" became "Jashar Bey".

This week, media reports said that the municipality had started removing busts of the Macedonians from the school grounds.

Cair mayor Izet Mexhiti said they acted unilaterally after it became apparent that the ministry, run by an ethnic Macedonian, would not allow them to rename any schools.

Bickering over the names of the schools is part of an ongoing conflict over symbols between Macedonia's main ruling VMRO DPMNE party and its Albanian partner, the Democratic Union for Integration, DUI.

The trouble started in mid-August when Defence Minister Fatmir Besimi, an ethnic Albanian, paid homage to a war memorial put up to honour Albanian fighters in the 2001 conflict, angering ethnic Macedonians.

Tensions increased after VMRO DPMNE then laid before parliament a new draft law increasing the rights and privileges of members of the Macedonian military who fought in 2001.

The sticking point for the DUI was that the bill does not include former Albanian fighters whose former leaders now dominate the DUI. They have threatened to leave the government if the bill, already in parliament, passes.

The DUI recently responded with another provocative move, when its government ministers intonated the Albanian national anthem, not the Macedonian anthem, at the opening of a new school in the village of Dzepciste near the mainly Albanian western town of Tetovo.

Vangelovski 09-16-2012 06:22 PM

More on the Macedonian policeman who killed two Albanian in Gostivar earlier this year. Initial reports were that they was attacked with his young daughter and acted in self-defence. As usual, stories are now being revised.

[B]Murder Trial of Macedonian Policeman on Hold[/B]

Sase Dimovski BIRN Gostivar

The trial of the policeman at the centre of the case has been delayed after the prison in Prilep refused to bring the ethnic Macedonian detainee, Jakim Trifunovski, 39, to trial in Albanian dominated Gostivar, where the murder took place.

“The court received a letter from the prison saying that they will not bring the suspect to trial for security reasons,” Kjirko Mihajloski, head of the Gostivar district court, told Balkan Insight.

He said that the judge in charge of the case will later decide further steps and investigate the security threat.

The prison in Prilep refused to elaborate to Balkan Insight on what the threats were.

Meanwhile, Trifunovski’s defence in the Gostivar court demanded that the trial be moved to Prilep, arguing that it would be a less risky enviroment. The Supreme Court will decide on this request.

Trifunovski, a police officer from Gostivar, shot dead two ethnic Albanians in the town in unexplained circumstances while off duty.

Some said the dispute had erupted over a parking space while others claimed that the victims, Imran Mehmet, 29, and Besnik Shehapi, 26, were neighbours of his with whom he had previously quarrelled.

Police initially said Trifunovski fired his gun in self-defence. They said he was first attacked while parking his car outside his home in the presence of his young daughter.

But local Albanians said the killing was plain murder and accused the police of trying to cover it up.

In a protest held that month, some 10,000 ethnic Albanians gathered in Gostivar to express their anger over the murder. Some of the protestors turned violent, breaking public property and attacking shops owned by Macedonians.

The killing contributed to a spree of inter-ethnic gang violence in March, the worst since the country narrowly avoided all-out civil war in 2001.

Gangs vandalized buses and beat up citizens at random on the streets of the capital, Skopje, and in other places.

Ethnic Albanians used social networks to call for renewed protests on Friday in front of the court in Gostivar. However, in the absence of the defendant, few people turned out.

Fearing retaliation, the family of the defendant fled the town shortly after the incident took place.


Vangelovski 09-16-2012 06:30 PM

[QUOTE=Risto the Great;133751]I wouldn't have banned you for an instant. I just think your brand of "reasonableness" has been well and truly implemented in Macedonia. And Niko777 has well and truly documented the ramifications thereof on this thread.[/QUOTE]vicsinad is only taking a short break to reconsider his anti-Macedonian, anti-democratic and everyone is racially superior to Macedonians view. I doubt he'll use the time wisely and am sure he'll be back promoting Serbian culture, Albanian ethnic superiority and the necessity to implement it in law and Greece's "right" to determine our identity as soon as he can.

Risto the Great 09-16-2012 06:53 PM

[QUOTE=Vangelovski;133786][B]It won't be too long before NLA terrorists and war criminals are covered by this legislation.[/QUOTE]

I feel sure of this. DPmNE would have assumed this as soon as they introduced the draft law.

Niko777 09-17-2012 04:15 PM

Today was the start of the post-secondary school year. The "State University of Tetova" marked the first day with the playing of the Albanian anthem in front of students of all backgrounds (Macedonians, Turks, etc). Now look at how fucked Macedonian society is: Macedonians were furious when St. Cyril and Methodius University marked the first day of the school year with a prayer by Bishop Stefan of MOC, saying the school had offended athiests blaw blaw blaw. Yet not one person complained about the Albanian anthem replacing the Macedonian one in Tetovo.

Risto the Great 09-17-2012 06:13 PM

I used to take some comfort in the fact that Macedonians are the most peaceful people in the Balkans. But I can now see the ramifications of such pacification. They are weak and fearful and desperate to flee the country. How utterly insipid it is to accept such actions.

Niko777 09-17-2012 06:41 PM

As if there weren't enough mosques in Skopje...
Albanians have started renting the first floor of Macedonian dominated apartment buildings by setting up a mosque to try and get them to move out.


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