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Pelagonija 11-05-2017 12:31 AM

[QUOTE=mklion;170403]Albanians are emigrating out of Macedonia. Not only to western Europe but to Albania as well. If Albania gets EU membership before Macedonia which is likely the floodgates will open. This is good for Macedonia.

The only rights they will get are what we voluntarily give them.[/QUOTE]

My comment was purely statistical. I'm interested in know how many Albanians migrated from Kosovo and Albania to Vardar post WWII.

As for what voluntarily rights will give them, if it serves the Macedonians self greed then they wil sell their mothers.

Albo 11-05-2017 05:01 AM

[QUOTE] Very interesting statistics..

Albo could you please provide statistics regarding origin of birth for Albanian parents in MKD. What are the percentage of Albanian parents born in Kosovo or Albania?.

I don't think such statistics exist or where to find them..
I would say that the number of Albanian children born in Macedonia Today to one or more parents who were born outside Macedonia would be under 10% (Albanians from Macedonia marrying Albanian from Albania is very uncommon) probably more Macedonian men marry women from Albania than Albanians from Mk do..

Whilst I believe MKD will ultimately become a bi national state, the Albanians are masters of manipulation when it comes to statistics. Look at pristina, the Albanians harped on about how it had a population of 600 000 people yet when they did the census they only counted 198000 "officially". [/QUOTE]

If you go to Prishtina you will see that the population is well over 200,000.

The reason that it officially remaims at 200,000 is that most people who have moved from thr villages or other cities since the end of the war are still enrolled where they originate and not where they are living.. there is huge debate in Kosovo for there to be a crackdown on this as it's unrealistic.

[QUOTE] Albanians are emigrating out of Macedonia. Not only to western Europe but to Albania* [/QUOTE]

Western Europe and other western countries yes.. Albania ..NO..

vicsinad 11-18-2017 07:46 AM

Albanian Teachers in Macedonia Demand Change to History Books...similar to commissions to be set up by agreement with Bulgaria.

(used Google translate)

[QUOTE]Albanian teachers also demand changes in history textbooks

The Union of Albanian Teachers in Macedonia is looking for a committee to change the content of textbooks. Nuhi Dardishta, the president of the union, is looking for new strategies and programs, new books because these students, now studying by students, have long since expired.

In a statement on MTV2, Dardishta says Albanian teachers in Macedonia are demanding the Ministry of Education for textbooks for primary and secondary education to change consultations with civil society, and not with the same people from committees in ministries that do not change.

"I appeal from February, March to establish a commission that will check these programs well and define the new strategy," said Darishta.

Prime Minister Zoran Zaev has announced on several occasions the establishment of commissions for changes in textbooks for Macedonian students. After the signing of the Treaty of Good Neighborry and Friendship with Bulgaria, such commissions are announced in Sofia and Athens.[/QUOTE]


Risto the Great 11-18-2017 11:27 AM

Why not! The country is in freefall now.

vicsinad 11-18-2017 02:44 PM

И каде се Македонците?

vicsinad 11-18-2017 03:27 PM

Ahmeti to Seek Resolution in Parliament Recognizing Genocide Against Albanians

(google translate)

[QUOTE]Ahmeti: We will propose a resolution on the genocide committed against Albanians 104 years ago

The remains of Albanian victims of massacres from 1913 to the Second World War found in the tombs were buried today in Zajas, Kichevo.

The Organizing Council for the Discovering of Crimes against Albanians organized the transfer of the remains of victims of the genocide to Albanians at the Mother Teresa Memorial Center in Zajas.

At the request of the Organizing Council for the detection of crimes against Albanians in the past century, Ali Ahmeti, as the initiator of the activities to clarify the genocide crimes against Albanians, delivered a speech to the audience, demanding solidarity from the Macedonians, as they said, and there were crimes against them. That is why we will insist on bringing a resolution in Parliament to condemn the genocide committed against Albanians 104 years ago. Let no one fear that we will not seek compensation because their lives can not be compensated with anything, Ahmeti said.

A short speech was also delivered by Deputy Prime Minister Hezbi Lika, who pointed out that with the respect of these victims, he was told not to repeat such crimes.

The Minister of Diaspora in the Government of Albania, Pandeli Majko, also said that "these people were killed because they simply spoke Albanian" and thanked the Macedonian authorities for allowing this event to be marked.

Mayor of the Municipality of Kichevo Fatmir Dehari pointed out that as a municipality they supported the initiative from the very beginning because, they said, these people deserve this respect. The addresses of the mayor of Srbica, R. Kosovo Bekim Jashari as well as the head of the IVZ Sulejman Rexhepi.

At the event at the Albanian Mother's Memorial Center in Zajas near Kicevo, members of the government cabinet from the DUI, as well as MPs from this party and other citizens, were present.

Some time ago, in Zajas and elsewhere in Kicevo, tombs of victims of massacres of Albanians were discovered from 1913 until the Second World War.[/QUOTE]


vicsinad 11-20-2017 08:51 AM

Number of Kosovo refugees STILL in Macedonia: 218,000.

218,000 people are registered in Macedonia as displaced person from Kosovo, according to the UNHCR.


Liberator of Makedonija 11-20-2017 08:16 PM

[QUOTE=vicsinad;170599]Number of Kosovo refugees STILL in Macedonia: 218,000.

218,000 people are registered in Macedonia as displaced person from Kosovo, according to the UNHCR.


I did not think the number would still be so high

Risto the Great 11-20-2017 10:09 PM

No doubt not a single one of them votes in Macedonia .....

Albo 11-21-2017 09:56 AM

Where does it say that these displaced people are in Macedonia? And that they are Albanian?

The displaced people they are talking about are mostly Sebs, Roma and Albanians from North Mitrovica .. who are either in Serbia or displaced within Kosovo..

The refugees that remained in Macedonia were mostly from the Roma community.. very very few Albanians remained..

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