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Voltron 04-21-2011 02:14 PM

[QUOTE=julie;96581]Voltron and Droog, would like to ask you both something in general, and am off topic here so sorry
It interests me into why/how Albanians, Greeks, and other ethnicities are on forums that are not pertaining to their own ethnicity. I certainly have no issue with anyone here other than they are respectful and follow the forum rules. I have not been on any other forum, bar one once, and they I shall refer to as maggots on the web. They have so much vitriol and hatred toward all people and do not acknowledge the existence of any one. I did not last very long, I could not cope with the vitriol and poisonous venom and direct curses to myself and even my own family.
Why are you not on other forums pertaining to your own ethnicities, and why basically, are you here :)
As I said, I have no issue whatsoever with anyone, and it interests me , if you guys dont mind me asking[/QUOTE]

Perfectly legit question Julie. Its actually quite simple for me. I have no interest in being in an enviroment where everyone agrees with each other. I prefer to be in an enviroment where opinions are different than mine. Ive been on the MOTW, they are not maggots and I dont know what has transpired with you on that site. This forum has often times mirrored MOTW with its hardline positions and opinions. I wasnt exactly welcomed here either.

julie 04-21-2011 02:40 PM

Voltron, no on has attacked you personally and sworn they will come after you and your children will be killed bla bla bla, I was apalled, by simply stating I am Macedonian and where my origins are from. It sickened me , and it was also directed at a couple of others as well who had stated they were Macedonian.

If everyone can converse without personally denigrating then that is a good thing.

I have learnt so much from others here, and Onur has been awesome with providing a lot of information as well. Many of our archived records were destroyed, kept in the village churches in Aegean Macedonia which is terrible, during the 1948 Civil war.

Droog, if the Macedonians in the Aegean had been afforded the same rights and equality,as Albanians in Macedonia then Macedonians would be equal, recognised as they should be.

My maternal side, not only did they suffer as so many did persecution, beheadings, and dreadful atrocities I dont wish to mention at that time (I call it extermination and cultural genocide for those that did not accept enforced conditions) but they had villages renamed and were renamed!

Droog, the parallel here is the Albanians have equality within Macedonia.

I can understand if the Macedonians started burning mosques and places of your worship, renamed you all with Macedonian names and forbade you to speak Albanian or you would be murdered, this is what happened to my family, my beloved Macedonian brothers and sisters in the Aegean, and yet Albanians in Macedonia continue to make greater demands upon us, why is it that Macedonia needs to continue to acquiesce to these enforcements upon its own soil? Albanians enjoy the same conditions as my people there!

Droog 04-21-2011 03:05 PM


Julie in the extremely short time we have on this planet spending too much energy on some issues is a waste of time so the best thing is this:

Do not do unto others what you do not want others do unto you.

In the past attrocities have been committed, but they shouldn't be repeated because that simply eternalizes all the suffering.

P.S I'm not Muslim, so mosques aren't my places of worship

Belomorec 04-21-2011 08:22 PM

Yeah I love how this all degenerates in PC nonsense.

There is a massive difference between hardline greeks, hardline Albanians and hardline Macedonians.

greeks: a false history, a false nation and a hatred towards Macedonians because of a foundation of lies. The greeks themselves know yet they continue -- probably because without Egej they would starve and die. BUT it's not there's to being with!

albanians: where do we start? these people DO NOT belong in Macedonia. Simple. If they want to stay then they learn some respect. I mean, they should consider themselves very, very lucky: were it not for America and the powers most of them would be [I]dead[/I].

Macedonians: countless years under oppression and finally, when there is a chance we may rise again, the powers won't let us and turn our people against each other and set our (fake) neighbours out to kill us.

See the big difference?

indigen 04-22-2011 12:30 AM

[QUOTE=Droog;96548]a)Do you have any proof about the illegal mosques? I like neither mosques nor churches, but unless there is some proof to back up your statements you're repeating the same old school Balkans propaganda.[/quote]
And what will you do if there is proof?

[QUOTE]b)What does "Macedonians have been kicked out eg aracinovo." mean? Did someone force them out of the settlement or did they sell their houses and just left?[/QUOTE]
Do you read this forum (this topic)? The practice of clearing out non-Ghegs in Kosovo and Western (and North-Western) parts of Macedonia follows a formula and is (and has been) systematic. How is it possible that all the villages around Skopje that were once (certainly before WWII) predominantly Macedonian and Orthodox are now almost exclusively Gheg and Muslim?

[QUOTE]c)Everywhere where minorities are respected they're allowed to wave their own flag? What's so wrong with that?[/QUOTE]
Not if those minorities are not loyal to the state and have treasonous and separatist tendencies and engage in seditious activities!

[quote]d)Macedonians forced to learn Albanian? If you actually spent some time on learning what's going on in Albania instead of imagining a widespread persecution of Macedonians by Albanians, you'd know that Macedonians of Albania have their own Macedonian schools.[/QUOTE]
Only in one small area, only to a limited capacity and with very little to no Albanian state support. In Golo Brdo, Gora and major urban centres where Macedonans live, they enjoy no minority rights.

MKPrilep 04-22-2011 01:34 PM

why the f... they allow such a song in macedonia,
and why our macedonian musicians cooperate with him
and kids hear his music. :censored:


they should kick his ass out of macedonia

Imagination 04-27-2011 06:51 AM

[QUOTE=MKPrilep;96638]why the f... they allow such a song in macedonia,
and why our macedonian musicians cooperate with him
and kids hear his music. :censored:


they should kick his ass out of macedonia[/QUOTE]

Which idiot signed the Framework Agreenment by the way ?

indigen 04-27-2011 07:42 AM

[QUOTE=Imagination;96902]Which idiot signed the Framework Agreenment by the way ?[/QUOTE]
How come you don't know and why not Google for the info?


Soldier of Macedon 04-28-2011 10:33 PM

[QUOTE="Droog"]Which rights were given to Albanians in expense of the Macedonians?[/QUOTE]
The fact that Albanian is an official language of the state alongside Macedonian. The fact that, no matter how stupid or incompetent the individual is, if an Albanian comes from a region where they make up 20% they must be ensured their 'percentage' in the system. Start by addressing those, and tell me if any of our neighbouring countries would accept this. And the fact that your people stole these rights by raising an armed conflict against the state....well.....why don't you tell me how your people were suffering in Macedonia prior to 2000?
[QUOTE=Voltron;96583]Ive been on the MOTW, they are not maggots and I dont know what has transpired with you on that site. This forum has often times mirrored MOTW with its hardline positions and opinions. I wasnt exactly welcomed here either.[/QUOTE]
They are maggots. And this forum cannot be compared to theirs in the way you're suggesting. You may not see much positivity about Greeks here, but at least we respect your identity enough to call you a Greek. How many Greeks call Macedonians as Macedonians at that racist hole?

Niko777 05-01-2011 07:34 PM

duplicate post

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