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Zarni 03-17-2012 10:29 AM

People ignore the pest

Zarni 03-17-2012 10:31 AM

How Ironic the Stone age dwellers and Internet Army want to liberate Macedonian occupied Homeland in Greece

Zarni 03-17-2012 10:35 AM

The ACTOSH threatening to attack AND GREECE! - CHANCE TO XEMOUDIASOUME ...
Terror (S. "Goal": do not exaggerate too!) Has caused the notice of the emerging Albanian terrorist organization ACTOSH, which threatens to hit Balkan targets, including Greece. The organization, which claims to have ...
"An army" and a large arsenal, sent notice to the National News Agency of Albania, which refers, inter alia, that will go in attacks on areas such as Montenegro, and Kastoria, Florina and Konitsa to the " return to Albania. "

The European authorities and secret services of different countries have already started intensive investigations to identify the members of the organization, the unexpected appearance of which awakened nightmarish memories. And because many were those who were quick to link this new "army" (;) to the UCK. The mode of action and words in a statement reminded "the organization fax" as they called initially. The notice of ACTOSH has come under the microscope of the first Europol, which attempts to identify elements for the new organization, and of course members. According to reports, the only thing they have in the hands of European authorities is the Head of the organization. This is the Kosovars Kushtrim Mtirovica, potential terrorists, marked "very hard" and escape arrest.

So Europol's priority is to locate the headquarters of the "Liberation Army occupied territories of Albania", otherwise known as the organization to be able to estimate the power of the "army". Concern exists in our country, since the text of the notice clearly states that land which the author considers to belong to Albania to get them back in any way. At the same time, Serbia and Montenegro at the center of the target of terrorists.

The text

The notice sent to the National News Agency of Albania NOA, entitled "Kosovo is a sovereign," throws many threats against the country which speaks, and gives many promises to their countrymen, that land which belong to again become theirs. The call-threat is not yet known whether sent by mail or fax, which will further complicate their investigations. According to the Albanian authorities is signed by the Kushtrim Mtirovica, which "see" the head of the organization. The NOA initially hesitated to publish this text because he suspected it was a hoax, but turned out it was all true. The organization is a real nightmare and utterly true.

"A new army will liberate all Albanian territories under Serbian, Macedonian, Montenegrin and Greek occupation" is the beginning of the text sent to the agency "Army for the Liberation of the occupied territories of Albania" or else in Albanian ACTOSH have named as the founders of the organization and its members.
The first two lines are full of confidence and promise for Albanian citizens. All announcement exudes confidence, power and indicates the existence of a well-organized and powerful army, and perhaps is what has made the recipients of the message to scare and take their words seriously. The emerging organization in its statements then analyze what are the areas which belong exclusively to Albania and will get back without fear. He maintains that the North and East of Kosovo are copyrighted and the Vardar Valley, which is the territory of Montenegro, says there should be in the hands of Albanians. We also have put in the eye and some Greek territories and want to "go back where they belong", ie ... own. The announcement indicates that the Tsamouria, Kastoria, Florina and Konitsa is Greek and it should pass into their hands. The head of the headquarters ACTOSH goes on to say that Kosovo is under the constant threat of forming a new Serbian democracy through decentralization processes. "Kosovo is neither independent nor autonomous," he adds, while following the blame Eulex to divide the northern part of Kosovo. According to ACTOSH, Pristina's leadership does not care about what is happening in northern Kosovo and encourages its division - all with the approval of Eulex. This was the main reason that led to the founding of this organization and want to pave the way for Kosovo to the north is now under their protection.

Before arriving, indicate which groups will "hit" and what does not want to put an obstacle in the road would open. It says that preventing the activation of Serb paramilitary groups, police and secret services in Serbia. "I would like to inform the Slavo-Greeks and the old Europe that trade on the back of the Albanians are now over," were the last words of a contract full of threats.

Niko777 03-17-2012 12:02 PM

[B][COLOR="Red"]Macedonian Embassy in Prishtina Attacked[/COLOR][/B]

Why is there a Macedonian embassy in Prishtina in the first place? I guess this is the reward that Macedonia gets for recognizing Kosovo.

[QUOTE=lavce pelagonski;123150]Молотов коктел синоќа бил фрлен врз објектот на македонската амбасада во Приштина.

Нападот го извршиле три лица од автомобил марка „Тојота", но благодарение на полицаецот кој се нашол во близина, била причинета помала материјална штета и никој не бил повреден.

Косовската полиција трага по напаѓачите.

Ова е втор напад врз македонската амбасада во Приштина. Претходно беа искршени стаклата на објектот.


slovenec zrinski 03-17-2012 12:53 PM

Was in Skopje for 4 days this week. Intreresting,beautiful,ugly city but kind people:) But.....but,but,but....I feel sorry for Macedonia and the Macedonians. U really really have to do something. This isnt about minority right at all. I was in Bit pazar twice....Albanian flags,albanian music, albanian language signs. And in the rest of Skopje..often two or three languages. And in some areas where there were signs in albanian and macedonian the albanian language came first!
U have to do something. Skopje is surrounded by albanians and more and more in the city itself as well...sometimes i heard more albanian talking than macedonian. Sometimes I can read critisism here about the Macedonians in the republic but many of them are disheartened and bewildered. They dont know what to do about this. And I feel sorry for them. I talked to one Macedonian lady from Gostivar and she told me that the albanians behave very agressively in order to try and drive the remaining macedonians out of the city.

I also have a question for u here onthe forum: When I was passing the Macedonian passport control today to take the flight to Beograd the passport police asked me what I had done in Macedonia. I said truthfully that i had been there for the event of the Promotor of Macedonia 2011 and as a tourist. He wrote down my name by hand on a note besides the scanning of the passport. Why did he do that? I think he was albanian if that has any weight in the matter?

I loved being in Macedonia and in Skopje and the people that guided me and took care of me were really the best but at the same time it was with such a heavy heart to see what is happening.....

Niko777 03-17-2012 03:15 PM

Hey Slovenec don't feel sorry for them, this is the kind of country that they wanted, a multi-national country where everyone else's language is official and is more important than the Macedonian language, a country that is dominated by foreign flags and foreign music and foreign language signs. No one has any respect for anything that's Macedonian. The only thing the average Macedonian is concerned about is their Turkish coffee and their cigarettes.

The government on the other hand does not know what it's doing, on one side it is saying the Albanians behind the incidents will be charged for destabilizing the country, on the other hand it is teaching first grade students the Albanian anthem and Greater Albanian propaganda in textbooks, on one hand it is saying that Macedonians have a right to their name, on the other hand it is negotiating our identity and building statues of "Warriors on horses". So please do not feel sorry for them because obviously they have no sense of decency or respect for themselves, this is what they chose and this is what they'll get.

I mean you as tourist who spent just a couple of days in the country was able to see what was going on and you were disturbed by it. Just imagine what the average Macedonian experiences everyday yet if they have not done anything by now to stop it, then obviously it is not bothering them.

Risto the Great 03-17-2012 03:31 PM

Totally agree Niko and it is becoming increasingly difficult not to attribute ALL the blame on the Macedonian people of Macedonia.

Niko777 03-17-2012 03:47 PM

[SIZE="5"][COLOR="Red"][B]Albanians have robbed the main church in Tetovo

Link: [url][/url]

George S. 03-17-2012 05:07 PM

so who is going to maintain law & order in tetovo.It comes back to respect for law & order & respecting the majority rules in macedonia.

Brian 03-17-2012 05:19 PM

[QUOTE=Niko777;123003][SIZE="5"][B]I found this photo on [URL=""]the user who uploaded it is named "[COLOR="Red"]Valmir000[/COLOR]" and the photo is placed in the the village of Romanovce near Kumanovo.[/B][/SIZE]



It probably is him because the name and location fit. Being a village there can't be that many people there let alone with that name.

[QUOTE]Bill77 Post2107
"Who wears silk suits these days and with Tshirts underneath????"

Pleeeeese don't give them that much credit and later call them gupci.
Firstly silk is expensive and looks better.
You can tell from the plastic shine it is cheap polyester micro-fibre.
These wannabe people/civilized community have as much sense of how to be a civil society as their wannabe cheap plastic suit with no fashion sense ie none.

I know what you really mean by gupci, but in reality many real gupci have much better fashion sense.

[QUOTE]Bill77 Post2107
prosti gjupsi da mu gi ebam krvta. od ovaj se plashime i kje ni a zemi zemjata?[/QUOTE]

Well apparently the Macedonians in RoM are 'plasime' as they are giving them the country piece by piece and allowing them to do virtually what they want even when they openly tell everyone that they want to seize the country.

[QUOTE]Phoenix Post2113
"Billy, is that bloke missing an arm...maybe we shouldn't be taking the piss...?"

No he is not missing an arm, you can take the piss out of him as much as you want.

People who are missing an arm usually pin the empty sleeve to the side of their suit so it doesn't flop about and look weird. You can see the sleeve is full and there's a kink where his elbow is and his left pant leg is stretched wider than the right one at the hight of his pocket meaning it's the width of his leg and hand on one side.

[QUOTE]Bill77 Post2116
ajde ne drapajte jajca.[/QUOTE]

That's exactly what Valmir and Bugi (and all Albanians) have been doing with the RoM government and people and with all of you at the MTO for several pages now - they are openly telling you we disrespect you and are in the process of creating a Greater Albania and you are trying to show your superior intellect, judgement and moral fibre with civil restraint by pointing out the errors of their way while they basically keep saying F your what's right/legal/moral/civil I'm just taking it because I can - you keep you morals/laws/right/civility and I'll keep the country. You are dealing with a vulgar, bogan barbarian who doesn't care if you're right (which you are).

[QUOTE]Phoenix Post2117
Billy, I haven't worn a watch since the advent of the mobile phone but when I did wear one, it was on my left I missing something here or is it a shiptar wannabe gangsta mofo thing to be wearing it on the right wrist...?[/QUOTE]

You are right on both counts Phoenix. Which young person wears a watch for years now, but even when people do wear one it is on the left hand.

There's no law about many things but in civilised societies certain standards and conventions are adhered to (not just Macedonians but all societies) and watch wearing for men is on the left hand and for women on the right. Just goes to the point they are wannabe people but don't know how.

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