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Niko777 09-16-2011 04:48 PM

[QUOTE]I readed almost all pages here, and im really disapointed with you guys....I dont know why you have all this hate for Us (Albanians) that live in Macedonia, I hope one day you open your eyes and you see us as your Allies and not your Enemies!

We do not hate Albanians in Macedonia, what we hate is the Albanian propaganda, nationalism and separatism in Macedonia!

George S. 09-16-2011 04:48 PM

Valmir can you show me a country where the minority is taking over the majority??
I'ts called macedonia.Albanians are not native to macedonia & are not indigienous to macedonia.So they should abide by majority law not the other way round.Albanians have never had it so good,can you tell me what has macedonia denied them.Virtually everything was given before.They could practice fee religion,free speech,study albanian.etcetc.BUt no you want to take over the country.Unless the macedonians are stupid you should not be allowed.Macedonia is the fatherland of the macedonians first & foremost.If you are a citizen of macedonia you should automatically get rights to a democracy.Not rights to secession on the pretext you are not given rights.You have gone ovrerboard.Let me put it another way back in 1956???Macedonia gave to the albanians in macedonia a tv station when it became available to express themselves in their mother tounge.This was AHEAD of your country receiving tv in albania.What does this show that we macedonians are humane also you show no cooperation with the macedonians by submitting yourselves as citizens.You identify as albanians & do not assimilate so aeasily.

Niko777 09-16-2011 04:52 PM

[QUOTE]I dont know why you have all this hate for Us (Albanians) that live in Macedonia[/QUOTE]

The question here should be why Albanians hate Macedonia so much that they have to remove the Macedonian flag from every settlement they live in? Why do they ignore Macedonia's holidays, events, not learn the Macedonian language, not associate with Macedonians, I can go on and on...

julie 09-16-2011 04:55 PM

Valmir, Macedonians don't hate Albanians
Albanians have made some demands and continue to do so which does not happen in any other democratic country in the world!
Albanians are free to practice their own religion, etc, yet the demands on separation are getting out of hand! Renaming Macedonian capital city is an example!
I seriously dont know where to begin here, but Albanians do not assimilate in any way with Macedonians, and the rights you have been given as a people supercede the rights of Macedonian born citizens!

Niko777 09-16-2011 05:26 PM

Macedonians are a tolerant people. Albanians are intolerant. They demand that their children are separated from Macedonian children in schools, for example. They demand that they fly their own flag, without the Macedonian flag. They demand to build mosques in places where there are no Albanians, and are against the building of churches even in Macedonian areas. They demand that non-Albanians learn the Albanian language, and they force the Albanian identity on other minorities in Macedonia, such as Muslims, Turks, and Gypsies. They are constantly defending the interests of Kosovo and Albania over Macedonia's interests. They demand special veto powers in government that not even the Macedonians have.

Zarni 09-16-2011 06:15 PM

This thread highlights Albanian Nationalism and intolerance with factual events that have happened and are documented read it carefully and digest it Valmir

Independence Day Celebrations highlighted a reality how Albanians feel towards the Macedonian State today, even the achievements of the Macedonian Basketball team has done little to inspire Macedonian-Albanians taking pride in their Country
We Macedonians hate this behaviour so would you if the boot was on your foot so don’t paint us like our Neighbours all of them we are nothing like them

Soldier of Macedon 09-16-2011 06:28 PM

Valmir, I don't hate Albanians. But I do hate the Albanianisation of Macedonia. If you put yourself in our shoes, you would understand why.

George S. 09-16-2011 07:18 PM

the macedonian people are the most tolerant & compromising people around.Look at other minorities do we deny them anything.They can learn any language they want.Also look at what you are trying to do in tetovo you are creating a country within a country flying your own flag etc contacting foreign countries & bestowing awards to dignatories etc all very disrespectfull to the host country you are staying.Do you think we should put up with this shit anylonger i think not.
Also look at the albanians flying their own national flag in a foreign country.That means something is drastically wrong we are simply trying to pander to one minority.why it's called politics.Every citizen in macedonia should be equal in a democracy.But in your case you want rights beyond macedonian citizens to the point where it gets absurd.YOu want secession rights the right to abrogate a country for another country.For example a greater albania.Unless macedonians are stupid they should put a stop there.You should learn to behave like proper citizens otherewise out.It's really getting out of hand in macedonia & you as an albanian should know it.Rather than albanians having to learn macedonian that's the majority language the macedonians have to learn albanian.Can you explain to me what value is that.If you don't like being a citizen of macedonia leave,
if you don't respect macedonia leave,if you don't want to learn macedonian leave go back to albania where you can learn albanian.

Zarni 09-17-2011 12:53 AM

In Tetevo Macedonian Ministers of Albanian extraction as George stated when conducting affairs with visiting Foreign representatives display the Flag of Albania together with that of EU and NATO but Not!! the Macedonian State Flag, how do you think that makes us feel are we right to hate this you are dam right we are

Macedonians in Tetevo who are a minority don’t have access to Macedonian Language Services they are forced to travel to Skopje, normal citizens who the local Authorities have a responsibility to are discriminated in their own Country by Albanians

Whilst in a well documented case in the Tetevo’s Army Barak’s, Macedonian Army conscripts sing allegiance to the Albanian Flag and National Anthem yet still don’t get their arse thrown in Prison, are we angry yes we are

makedonche 09-17-2011 01:15 AM

Macedonia has become a democracy and one of the inalienable rights of those minorities who choose not to abide by the Macedonian laws, is the right to leave - if anybody is unhappy with the language/culture/history, feel free to exercise your right to leave! otherwise learn the language, repsect the culture,law and sovreignity of the country which provides you that democratic right!

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