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Brian 01-21-2012 06:34 PM

Makes you wonder how many they haven't caught?

[QUOTE][B]Police arrests Bribed Employees Issuing Passports to Kosovo Albanians[/B]


[url=]„Пасошко„ - YouTube[/url]

18 January 2012
This morning members of the Financial and Computer Crimes unit within the Ministry of Interior arrested 6 people, two of which are Governmental employees with access and ability to issue passports.
Two Kosovo citizens paid 5,000 euros for each Macedonian passport, not realizing Macedonian police followed their every step.

In order for the two Albanians from Kosovo to hide their identity, they created fake Kosovo id's with names of Macedonians (Gorani) born in Kosovo.

Their goal was to insert themselves into the system as 'ethnic Macedonians' from Kosovo, receive a biometric ID and passport in Skopje. For this purpose they received help from two Governmental employees, a female O.S. (31) whose job was to schedule the appointment to issue the passports and a male M.N. 29 who had system access to passport information and birth records.

Macedonian police surprised all six culprits the day they were going to supposedly receive their passports. The governmental employees were arrested at their work place, while the rest were arrested in and outside the passport office.

All six were brought in Court, each facing 5 - 10 years in prison.[/QUOTE]

Risto the Great 01-22-2012 06:37 PM

5-10 years imprisonment for 2 Kosovars imports.
Imagine what you'd get if you scammed 150,000 Kosovars into Macedonia .... hero status by the DPmNE government it would seem.

Niko777 01-22-2012 11:39 PM

[B][COLOR="Red"]The Albanian Graffiti in Tetovo Still Remains[/COLOR][/B]


[B][U][URL=""]Watch Video Here (AlfaTV)[/URL][/U][/B]

United MKD 01-23-2012 12:46 PM

Запалено македонското знаме во Струга


rex362 01-26-2012 01:24 PM

[QUOTE=Niko777;80435]Look what was happening in Kumanovo this week:




Albanians in Macedonia have way too many rights, and I believe these rights will endanger the sovereignty and unity of Macedonia. Albanian nationalism in Macedonia has been rising since 2001 thanks to that stupid framework agreement. Now every year on November 28 Macedonia celebrates "Albanian National Flag day". WTF. This isn't what our ancestors and the Ilindenci had in mind when they envisioned a Macedonian Republic. I can only blame Macedonian politicians for allowing and fostering an environment suitable for Albanian nationalism to expand.

Let's quickly look at some of the flaws that will cost Macedonia big one day:

- Albanian flag allowed to be flown on Macedonian government municipal buildings, and streets of cities with Albanian minority population.

-Students of Albanian origin are separated from Macedonian students in classes

-Albanian textbooks for the students are flawed, for example, they are not just an Albanian translation of the Macedonian books, they are totally different books in that they focus on Albania and history of the Albanian people (in Albania). I remember seeing an Albanian elementary school book that are used in Macedonia from that Macedonian Ministry website. In it, it showed some children illustrations of kids talking to each other saying something like "Hi, my name is Ismail and I am an Albanian from Kosovo, Hi my name is Habib and I am from Albania, and one from Macedonia, but together we are all Albanians". WTF how will this help Macedonia? Look at the message these children are taught from a young age.

- Albanian students are taught Albanian and English from the first grade, Macedonian is taught from the fourth grade but only as a second language which means that math, history, biology, and all the scientific vocabulary are taught in the Albanian language. How the fu** is this supposed to integrate Albanians into Macedonian society? And why is English being taught before Macedonian?

-Mosques are popping up in Macedonia like weeds. For example in Skopje there are like 30+ mosques and only a few churches, but 75% of Skopje is apparently Christian. This means that mosques are being built solely for political purposes by Albanian groups, sometimes without the appropriate documentation or permits yet the Macedonian government isn't doing anything about it. In fact, it is probably easier to build a mosque than it is to build a church in Macedonia (legally).

-the law that changed municipal borders to make Albanians the majority in places like Struga was a disaster for Macedonia. Why is the government looking after the interests of Albanians before the Macedonians?

-I remember reading a news article a couple of months ago that said out of the 300 newly hired government workers in Maceonia, 99% are Albanians, because of the new law that requires bilingualism in the Albanian language.

-Let's not forget the new "Skenderbeu Square" proposed for the center of Skopje, it was approved by the Macedonian government, and according to the details it will be significantly larger than "Macedonia Square" and it is supposed to be the new meeting place for the city.

-Albanians in the Macedonian government are every week in Albania or Kosovo collaborating with Albanian politicians and signing agreements.

-I could go on and on.

I guess what I am trying to say is that after the Republic of Macedonia won independence in 1991, you would have expected a process of Macedonianization to take place in the country. Just look at the policies in Albania, Greece, Bulgaria, and Serbia. But this is not happening in Macedonia, instead I get the feeling that Macedonia as a state is working in favor of the Albanian people, instead of the Macedonian population (Albanianization).[/QUOTE]

you are living a dream/fantasy bcs you cannot come to terms that MACEDONIA has many ethnicity within

in September 1991 we woke up and Boooom out of nowhere a new Nationality/identity was created and no consideration for its neighbors within a private party /like this forum

and this is made a sticky here ...omg hahhahhahhahahh



Big Bad Sven 01-26-2012 02:10 PM

[QUOTE=rex362;118856]you are living a dream/fantasy bcs you cannot come to terms that MACEDONIA has many ethnicity within

in September 1991 we woke up and Boooom out of nowhere a new Nationality/identity was created and no consideration for its neighbors within a private party /like this forum

and this is made a sticky here ...omg hahhahhahhahahh



Rex its great to see you are very considerate and passionate about macedonia and its identity and history. You show a certain understanding and compasion that i have noticed with all albanians from macedonia when it comes to their love and respect towards macedonia.

Im not so good at this history thing, so maybe you can please give me a few pointers.

Howe was the macedonian identity and nationality just created, or how you say "boooom"? I thought macedonian identity existed as way back as the early 1800's?

And from what i understand macedonia is the home of the macedonian people, and macedonians make up a great majority of the population, so hence forth shouldnt they be masters of their own destiny? Remember albanians make up 18% of the population. I am assuming the correct protocol for macedonia was for it to send emails to albania, greece, serbia and bulgaria and ask if it could be independent first?

Big Bad Sven 01-26-2012 02:12 PM

Btw rexy boy, what do you think of the pretty graffiti in tetovo? I think the map of greater albania looks really pretty.

What do you think would happen if a macedonian painted a map of greater macedonia in Tirana?

Risto the Great 01-26-2012 03:13 PM

[QUOTE=rex362;118856]you are living a dream/fantasy bcs you cannot come to terms that MACEDONIA has many ethnicity within [/QUOTE]
It does indeed have many minorities. The key word here is minority. Hopefully the majority wakes up soon.

DedoAleko 01-27-2012 11:45 AM

albanians gain momentum:

[B]Чаир ги менува имињата на училиштата од македонски во албански[/B]

Општина Чаир и официјално донела одлука да се преименуваат имињата на четирите основни училишта на нејзина територија. На вчерашната седница на Советот откако заминале советниците од ВМРО – ДПМНЕ и СДСМ дополнително била ставена на дневен ред точката за новите имиња на училиштата...

izvor: [url][/url]

[B]Вевчанци го налутија и струшкото Муфтиство[/B]
Вевчанци го налутија и струшкото Муфтиство кое за денеска најави протести против Вевчанскиот карневал...

izvor: [url][/url]

and the video from the Vevcani carneval:


Niko777 01-27-2012 11:56 AM

Macedonian Albanian Journal Online Poll:

34% of respondents want the Ohrid Framework Agreement to stay in place.

67% want Macedonia to become a federal state.


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