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Brian 03-12-2012 07:51 AM

[QUOTE=Bugi;122670]so before you knew about the Vergina sun-that was found in the 1970's,the ethnic macedonians didint have a national flag?:mellow:

[B][COLOR="Navy"]See what I mean. You ignore reality and pretend you don't know when it suits you.

1. IF there was an ethnic Macedonian flag before or not is irrelevant.
I was talking to you about respecting the State flag and that it is NOT an ethnic Macedonian flag.

2. In your Albanian schools or Albanian groups do they teach you ANYTHING not Albanian? The current State flag was created AFTER Macedonia left Yugoslavia - [COLOR="Red"]it NEVER existed before it cannot be ethnic flag.[/COLOR] It is a totally new flag for the Macedonian state and ALL citizens regardless of ethnicity.
[COLOR="Red"]I told you NOT Albanian DOES NOT mean ethnic Macedonian.[/COLOR]

3. The Independence Day is when Macedonia left Yugoslavia which means EVERY Macedonia citizen regardless of ethnicity got independence from Yugoslavia including the ethnic Albanians. The holiday has NOTHING to do with being ethnic Macedonian.

[COLOR="Red"]So now you tell me why ethnic Albanians as citizens of Macedonia cannot celebrate a NON-ETHNIC Macedonian day using a NON-ETHNIC Macedonian flag?[/COLOR]

[COLOR="Magenta"]I told you your answer before - either Albanians are too stupid to understand NOT Albanian DOES NOT mean ethnic Macedonian or the real reason is Albanians do not want to be Macedonian citizens and do not recognise the Macedonian state and are still waiting to be independent when Greater Albania can be formed in which case ALL ethnic Albanian politicians and ANY official position person (eg army, police, government administration, school, or ANY government job) is guilty of treason and should be jailed.[/COLOR][/COLOR][/B]

Croats in Bosnia are about 20%-they are a official nation-NOT minority in the country
Serbs are 30%-official constitutional national element in Bosnia

[B][COLOR="Navy"]By you figures Croatian is 20%, Serb is 30% which means Bosnians is 40%.

Did I not say before they are approximately the same number - ratio of 20 to 30 to 40 ie 1/3 each? When different groups are approximately the SAME SIZE do you think maybe they will share power.

In you BS Albanian figures 25% (but I bet it can be proven you are no more than 17%) is NOT the same as the Croatian 20% - you are LESS in ratio. You are NOT SAME SIZE approximately with Macedonians so you DO NOT deserve same power. When the Albanian population is 40% or more then maybe you have a claim.[/COLOR][/B]

so how come Macedonia cant become the country of the macedonian and albanian people?

[B][COLOR="Navy"]It already is a country of Macedonian citizens of all ethnic backgrounds.[/COLOR][/B]

I think you realize the double standards![/QUOTE]

[B]There is NO double standard. YOU are using BS logic!

[COLOR="Navy"]Who do you think should have more power IF for example -

1. 25% Albanian 25% Macedonian 24% Roma 24% Vlach and 2% other.
Ratio is 1 : 1

2. 25% Albanian 9.33% Macedonian 10% Roma 10% Vlach 10% and because of immigration we have many other ethnic groups each abot 2 - 3% to make up the rest.
Ratio is 2.68 : 1


3. 25% Albanian 9.33% Macedonian and all other groups had 2 -3% each
This is more like the reality but reverse for Albanian/Macedonia.


4. 25% Albanian 67% Macedonian 8% other
Ratio is 1 : 2.68

In each example Albanian is 25% but I think you must agree the distribution of power is NOT the same in each example.

Example 4 is the current situation using Albanian BS statistics with a ratio of 2.68.

Example 2 has Macedonians as 9.33% but is the same ratio of 2.68.
Can you see how it would look if Macedonians with ONLY 9.33% started saying we want everything EXACTLY equal 50% to 50% with the Albanians and we want Albanian and Macedonian to be the ONLY 2 official languages and we demand to have 12.32% of all government jobs and Albanians can have only 25% of government jobs????[/COLOR]

[COLOR="Magenta"]Would the Albanian people accept being told what to do by other group with ONLY 9.33%???

What if we had facial recognition system and prove Albanians are really 17% then we have ratio of 3.94 which means in the above example if 25% Albanian then Macedoniands are ONLY 6.35%. Would the Albanians accept being told what to do from a group with ONLY 6.35%??? Now do you see the double standard??? [/COLOR]

[COLOR="Red"]What if -
4. 67% Albanian 25% Macedonian 8% other

Would the Albanians feel more powerful or think they are EXACTLY the same as the Macedonians???

There is NO "double standard" but in you BS logic.[/COLOR][/B]

Bugi 03-12-2012 11:14 AM

[QUOTE=Risto the Great;122686]Lots of statistics Bugi, yet the Albanians refuse to participate in a census. Why?[/QUOTE]

Because the ones who have a adress of living in the country,but work abroad and come at least once a year in Macedonia should be counted!

if we count them,our number will be 35%,which means more rights...but again,without them,we are still 27-28%
that is a metodology used in many censuses in Europe and on the balkans!

one more thing,this is from the 2002 census

age structure based on religion

now things are probably 50/50 in all age groups

WHICH MEANS THAT ONE DAY MACEDONIA WILL BE 50% ISLAMIC!-Macedonia in which your kids will live in
I would like to see how then you can state that Macedonia shouldnt be redefined,with a 50%-or more nonmacedonian population,to claim that it will belong firstly to macedonians then to the others,it's just racist!

Православни 63.229
Муслимани 57.208

Православни 73.384
Муслимани 67.227

Православни 86.952
Муслимани 70.443

Православни 98.253
Муслимани 64.232[/QUOTE]

Bugi 03-12-2012 11:34 AM

[QUOTE=Krivan;122689]I disagree, it's better to militarize the police than further militarize the military. Our military don't really matter since no country can realistically invade us in the 21st century nor if we were invaded we'd have much of a chance defending against a country like Greece who has 1,600 tanks anyhow.

Our police, on the other hand, can be used much more effectively to control the Albanians and to crush any possible nationalist-fascist uprisings by Albanians.

America is an excellent model to follow:



Your really think that you can crush two albanian states around you-one of which is a NATO member and a 30% albanian minority within your country?

If albanians want to revolt or something,no macedonian army-if there is one like there isn't can stop them!

Im telling you again,don't make the same mistake as Milosevic,if he ididnt decide to 'crush' the albanians,now Kosovo would probably be still under Serbia...Im telling you this for your sake.

Niko777 03-12-2012 11:38 AM

[SIZE="5"][B][COLOR="Red"]Another Macedonian beaten and robbed by Albanians[/COLOR][/B][/SIZE]


George S. 03-12-2012 02:54 PM

bugi your lot was caught cheating in the census.Not only naming turks as albanians but falsifying the census.Also hoping to get the holiday season in july & have the census then so your albanian brothers can come from o/s & participate in the census.Trying anyway you can to falsify the census.What does it prove you are not 20% even you are less than 17%.
So that's why you won't participate in the macedonian census.I think you should be banned from ever participating in any census as you can't be trusted.Your rights should not be any more than a normal macedonian citizen.Why should you get special rights & priveleges .You are not even ethnic to the land.If you live abroad you should not be allowed to vote in the census.Do you ralise how many macedonians there are o/s 2.5 million in the diaspora.Imagine if they voted??

Niko777 03-12-2012 03:20 PM

[B][SIZE="3"]More Propaganda from the Municipality of Tetovo...[/SIZE][/B]

[SIZE="5"][COLOR="Red"][B]Centuries Old "Illyrian" Carnival celebrated in Tetovo[/B][/COLOR][/SIZE]

[QUOTE]Вековен илирски карневал


Општина Тетово и оваа година го поддржа организирањето на карневалот од Бозовце, кој се оддржа во неделата во ова шарско село. Учениците од основните училишта од селата Бозовце, Вешала и Бродец, маскирани, ги поминаа сите селски улици.
Карневалот од Бозовце, се третира како значаен културен настан кој ја отсликува вековната традиција на жителите од тетовските шарски села. Веќе две години по ред, овој културен настан тежнее да се претвори во традиционална манифестација, на која се изложуваат облеката и традиционалната храна, важен дел од оваа свечена манифестација се и маските, кои имаат длабоко фигуративно значење за отстранување на лошите души од ридско планинските подрачја. Општина Тетово две години едно по друго го поддржува Карневалот од Бозовце, овој пат карневалот беше именуван како Вековен илирски карневал.[/QUOTE]

[B]Source: [url][/url][/B]

Niko777 03-12-2012 04:46 PM

[B][COLOR="Red"]The Macedonian Government has censored the recent episode of "Vo Centar" hosted by Vasko Eftov. In this episode he seeks the truth behind the recent incidents. In resposnce to the censorship Mr. Eftov uploaded the full episode on youtube.[/COLOR][/B]

[url=]14 Emisija- meguetnicki tenzii-MPEG-4 .mp4 - YouTube[/url]

Zarni 03-12-2012 05:17 PM

[QUOTE]More Propaganda from the Municipality of Tetovo...

Centuries Old "Illyrian" Carnival celebrated in Tetovo[/QUOTE]

It is obvious what Internationally recognised Festival they are targeting with this desired act

Zarni 03-12-2012 05:20 PM

[QUOTE]What does it prove you are not 20% even you are less than 17%.[/QUOTE]

No doubt about this, yet their position in Macedonian Society is of privelage

Zarni 03-12-2012 05:33 PM

[QUOTE]Your really think that you can crush two albanian states around you-one of which is a NATO member and a 30% albanian minority within your country?

If albanians want to revolt or something,no macedonian army-if there is one like there isn't can stop them!

Im telling you again,don't make the same mistake as Milosevic,if he ididnt decide to 'crush' the albanians,now Kosovo would probably be still under Serbia...Im telling you this for your sake.[/QUOTE]

Kosovo Albanians still have a mentality stuck in the 18C and then an exaggerated ego not to mention laughable stupidity yeah I am calling you dumb
Macedonia has no desire or an inkling to go on escapades you mentioned when how did anyone even suggest it
But we will and defend our State from any Internal and external attacks
this is not the summer of 2001 Politically, economically and Militarily Macedonia is light years ahead
Remember Operation Mountain Storm when not be impeded they are mighty impressive it was also Intelligence on the ground that was a multiplying factor
Stop lying through your teeth about demographics the Census which you have chosen not to participate is its prove in the making

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