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Soldier of Macedon 05-23-2009 11:59 AM

Rudolph Reiss (1918) - Neither Bulgarian nor Serb, but simply Macedonian
[B][SIZE="3"]Archibald Rudolph Reiss[/SIZE][/B]



Dr. Archibald Rudolph Reiss (8 July 1875 Hechtsberg, Baden, Germany - 7 August 1929 Belgrade, Kingdom of Yugoslavia) was a publicist, a chemist, a professor at the University of Lausanne and a famous forensic scientist............

Upon the invitation of the Serbian Government he carried out an inquiry on Hungarian, German and Bulgarian atrocities in Serbia during World War I and published the reports in European papers. He went as a member of Serbian Government at the Peace conference in Paris. When Serbia was overrun in 1915 he joined the Serbian Army in its retreat across Albania to return with the victorius Serbian Army when it liberated Belgrade in the final days of the war. He was known as a great friend of Serbia and the Serbian people and after the war he stayed to live in Serbia..................

After his death his body was buried in the cemetery Topcidersko groblje and, [B][U]at his own request, his heart on the mountain Kajmakčalan in Macedonia[/U][/B]..........[/QUOTE]

The reason why I have posted this is because I have seen several Macedonian sites mention this figure and a text called "[I]Sur la situation des Macedonianes et des musulmans dans les nouvelles provinces grecques[/I]", from the year 1918. I would like to know more about the text, if anybody has anything further to elaborate, share it here. Below is the excerpt commonly cited:

[QUOTE]I said [B]I would rather call your Bulgarophones Macedonians[/B]. You call these people Bulgarophones, owing to their language which is similar to Bulgarian. [B]But, is it Bulgarian, is the same language spoken in Sofia? No. Macedonian is just as similar to Serbian as it is to Bulgarian.[/B] I am not a linguist and I would not allow myself a personal judgment, but disinterested Balaknologist have asserted to me that Macedonian is more similar to Serbian than Bulgarian. It is possible that there are linguists who assert the opposite. [B]But it is a fact that the Macedonia language is spoken neither in Sofia nor in Belgrade. It is an individual Slav language[/B], just as we have the Romansch in Switzerland, spoken in Grisons, apart from Italian. [B]To my mind, the Macedonian can be called neither Bulgarian nor Serb, but simply Macedonian[/B].[/QUOTE]

Even though he displayed obvious sympathy for the Serbs throughout his life, he seems to have had a soft spot for Macedonia, if the above text and his request for burial (of his heart, no less) is anything to go by.

The LION will ROAR 01-05-2012 08:29 AM

Rudolph Archibald Rice - Macedonian can not be called Bulgarian nor Serb, but simply Macedonian


Google translator

Rudolph Archibald Rice (1875-1929) was a prominent Swiss lawyer and professor at the University of Lausanne. For 22 years becoming a doctor of chemistry and choose photography as an assistant, then became known by the area assistant professor at the University of Lausanne. A full professor in criminology named in 1906. As a professor acquires a reputation as a criminologist of international fame. As an international expert on military law, and later as a volunteer in the Serbian army participated in the First World War and the Thessaloniki Front.

At the request of the Serbian government, Rice is coming to Serbia in 1914 to investigate zlochinite over civilians who have made the armies of Austria-Hungary, Germany and Bulgaria. By the end of his life remains in Serbia.

During the First World War, he passes the Serbian army Albania, and the Thessaloniki front and after the liberation of Belgrade enters the city with the military. He remained in Serbia until his death.

He died in Belgrade in 1929. After his death, his remains were buried in Belgrade, while the desire of his heart Rice in a special urn was buried on Kaimakchalan. "St.. Peter "the Kajmakcalan keep the legend of Rudolph Archibald Rice.

During the First World War, Dr. Rice, who incidentally was a military razuznuvach worked as a journalist reporting on the world famous newspapers and news agencies. During his trips through Macedonia until the Great War raging, he kept a diary and wrote letters, collected and documented and are a testament to the significant events that occurred on the Thessaloniki front line. In the diary he noted that mountain in your womb held the bones of thousands of unknown soldiers dead along with the other battlegrounds around the world created the world slaughter that killed over 15 million people.

Rudolph Archibald Rice during his life, spent in the Balkans, well you know the Balkan peoples. In their records the state of Macedonians and Muslims in the new provinces by 1918 ("Documents", Volume I, Skopje, 1981, pg. 595 - RA Reiss, Sur la situation des Macedoniens et des musulmans dans les nouvelles provinces grecgues Paris, 1918 , r.6-7.) Rice will write:

"I said that your bugarofoni would rather call them Macedonians. You call these people because of their bugarofoni language that resembles the Bulgarian. But is it Bulgarian, is it the same language spoken in Sofia? Sun Macedonian resembles as much as the Serbian and Bulgarian. I am not a linguist, and will not afford their own court, but I Disengaged balkanolozi claimed more like Macedonian Serbian than Bulgarian. It is possible to have linguists who argue the opposite. But the fact that Macedonian is not discussed neither in Sofia nor in Belgrade. It is a separate Slavic language as it is, here in Switzerland, romanshkiot, speaking in biting besides Italian.

In my view Macedonian can not be called Bulgarian nor Serb, but simply Macedonian. "
Rudolph Archibald Rice gives us another proof of the Macedonian identity and its language.

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