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nushevski77 12-10-2018 02:03 PM

stories told from macedonia
post deleted

Tomche Makedonche 12-10-2018 09:17 PM

[QUOTE=nushevski77;177989]okay sorry aboout that will do[/QUOTE]

Don’t ever say sorry to that Пичка. Ever.

Risto the Great 12-10-2018 09:46 PM

[QUOTE]although being born in the diaspora I for some reason have such an affinity to my ethnic roots/homeland as on the other hand my cousins couldn't care less maybe I'm just different or their just happy to be Canadians and leave all this stuff behind them but I feel its doing a disservice to not remember the people who fought for and suffered for the macedonian cause[/QUOTE]Meanwhile, your cousins are probably lobbying to save kittens somewhere in the world. What a pity they ignore their own history.

Thanks for the snippets of your own family history.

Gocka 12-10-2018 09:55 PM

Go to hell you piece of garbage. If there is a god, you and your entire tribe will get what is coming to them one day.

[QUOTE=Amphipolis;177988]This is unreadable. Please, re-edit it and put some paragraphs.[/QUOTE]

Онај не е пичка, онај е копиле, изрод. Немат зборови, незам како да изјаснам колку е мразам она стокана. Фала му на господ што сме на форум а не во живо, ке го имав убијено до сега.

Крв да му ебам племе гадно.

[QUOTE=Tomche Makedonche;177990]Don’t ever say sorry to that Пичка. Ever.[/QUOTE]

Like Tomche said, don't you dare.

Thank you for sharing. Be inquisitive, our old folks have all the knowledge, it is our duty to make sure we help them pass on as much as they can. It is then our duty to make sure we do the same.

[QUOTE=nushevski77;177989]okay sorry aboout that will do[/QUOTE]

Stojacanec 12-11-2018 12:16 AM

thanks for the insight. I am always interested to hear peoples accounts and stories especially from the Aegean side.

it makes sense, 28,000 people don't escape their homeland in the middle of the night for nothing.

Karposh 12-11-2018 05:14 AM

it makes sense, 28,000 people don't escape their homeland in the middle of the night for nothing.[/QUOTE]

It's interesting that both English and Macedonian Wikipedia entries state that:

[QUOTE]The official Greek position was that these children had been forcibly taken from their parents by the Communists to be brought up under a socialist system. The abduction of children is referred to by Greek historians and politicians as the Paidomazoma (Παιδομάζωμα), alluding to the Ottoman Devşirme.[/QUOTE]

“...forcibly taken from their parents by the Communists to be brought up under a socialist system.” And who were the communists? 14,000 out of the 20,000 men and women that made up the ranks of the communist forces of Greece (DAG) were ethnic Macedonians. I can pretty much guarantee that not one of those 14,000 Macedonian men and women would have put a higher price to the political party which they fought under, which, at best was nothing more than a means to an end, over their own flesh and blood – i.e. their own children or little nephews and nieces. They fought for the Greek Communists because those lying bastards promised them full human rights. If the other side did the same, I'm sure they would have fought for them too. The only condition that the Communists made to this promise was that they abandon any dreams for a United Macedonia.

From Wikipedia:
[QUOTE]At the fifth Plenum of KKE (i.e. The Communist Party of Greece) on January 31, 1949, a resolution was passed declaring that after KKE's victory, the Slavic Macedonians would find their national restoration within a united Greek state. The alliance of the Democratic army with the Slav Macedonians, caused the official Greek state propaganda to call the communist guerillas Eamovulgari (from EAM plus Bulgarians) while the communists were calling their opponents Monarchofasistes (Monarch fascists).[/QUOTE]

Incidentally, I did the maths and the 14,000 Macedonian fighters works out to be exactly 70% of the combined communist forces of Greece. The other 6,000 were made up of Greeks and Vlahs from right across Greece. So, when anyone tells you this was an ideological civil war between fellow Greeks, that is to say, Greek against Greek, the numbers speak otherwise I'm afraid. This was a Greek war on the Macedonians of Greece, plain and simple. Greece, and the west painted it out to be just an ideological war (i.e. Communism V Democracy) but the fact is the Greek Civil War was a genocidal war against the Macedonians. Win or lose, the KKE and DAG were never going to honour their end of the deal. They were going to stiff the Macedonians regardless. And, thanks to US and British backing, not to mention US made napalm, the result was never in question.

Some interesting facts about napalm:
[QUOTE]Napalm was invented on Valentine's Day 1942 in a top-secret Harvard University weapons research laboratory in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Professor Louis Fieser tested the first napalm bomb on the Harvard College soccer field that Independence Day. It went on to support the Allies in Europe, incinerate 64 of Japan's 67 largest cities, and help America win World War II: the Bomb got the press, but napalm did the work.
Napalm describes any form of thickened hydrocarbon: torturously hot and sticky when ignited, stable at high and low temperatures, cheap, easy to transport, and simple to prepare. It is one of the most devastating weapons ever invented.
Air force commanders around the world embraced incendiary gel after they observed its effectiveness. [B]Greek bombers used U.S. napalm to annihilate civil war enemies in 1948[/B]...[/QUOTE]

Amphipolis 12-11-2018 02:01 PM

This is a semi-official list by the Communist Party, listing all incidents of beheadings or dead bodies of rebels exposed in public view. As you can see there's a total of 129 incidents and according to the map, less than 10 (?) in Macedonia. The map also indicates whether the Greek Civil War was about Macedonia.



vicsinad 12-11-2018 03:27 PM

The Greek Civil War was indeed about Macedonia. It was not only about Macedonia, but it was certainly about control of Macedonia.

Amphipolis 12-11-2018 05:34 PM

Automatic translation from Greek wikipedia. This is more detailed on the ethnic and social composition of Democratic Army of Greece (Section 3)


Amphipolis 12-12-2018 02:48 AM

National Liberation Front (EAM) was the Resistance Group of the Communist Party during Occupation (1941-1944).
The Democratic Army of Greece (DSE) was the military formation (literally an army) of the Communist Party during the Civil War (1946-1949).

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