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викторслава 10-31-2021 07:18 PM

Zaev resigns

Liberator of Makedonija 11-03-2021 01:18 AM

What will, if anything, change though?

kompir 11-04-2021 04:48 AM

Nothing except Zaev is booking flights to Switzerland.

Carlin 11-05-2021 03:24 PM

Negotiations between VMRO-DPMNE and opposition parties to form a new parliamentary majority ended successfully. The news about the new deployment of forces in the Parliament was announced by the VMRO-DPMNE leader Hristijan Mickoski.

A new future is coming, a new time and a new hope. Strong challenges await us, aware and grateful for the support, we will succeed together. Macedonia will succeed! We have a new parliamentary majority, announced VMRO-DPMNE leader, Hristijan Mickoski.

With the announcement for the new parliamentary majority, [B]Mickoski published photos from the meeting in which, in addition to the current coalition partners of VMRO-DPMNE, Alliance and Alternative, the political parties Levica and Besa also participated[/B].


Liberator of Makedonija 11-05-2021 10:42 PM

So much for Levica never forming a coaliton with DPMNE

Carlin 11-06-2021 09:40 AM

I'm not gonna lie, seeing Apasiev with the likes of Besa / Alliance was jarring lol.

Carlin 11-06-2021 11:45 AM


порталот Журнал објави дека пратеникот и генерален секретар на Алтернатива, Скендер Реџепи-Зејд, нема да го поддржи новото парламентарно мнозинство, бидејќи во неа е Левица на Димитар Апасиев.

Агенцијата, повикувајќи се на партиски извори, објавува дека Реџепи е категорично против соработка со Апасиев поради неговите антизападни ставови и поради противењето кон Договорот од Преспа и Охридскиот договор.

Carlin 11-06-2021 05:20 PM

DUI cadre threatens war


[B]Шкодране Дардишта од ДУИ се заканува, сѐ уште ги имаме чизмите на таван[/B]

[B]Директорката во Клиничкиот центар во Скопје и актуелен член на Управниот одбор на Македонски телеком Шкодране Дардишта, членка на ДУИ, на својот фејсбук-профил, очигледно незадоволна од развојот на настаните на политичката сцена во Македонија отворено се закани со војна.[/B]

„Сѐ уште ги имаме чизмите на таван во старата куќа, за час ги вадиме белите патики. Ние не сме сираци, ние сме никнале после војна. Не играјте со оган, затоа што на крај сами ќе изгорите во него.“

Борис Крмов, пратеникот на Левица реагираше на својот фејсбук-профил: „Шкодране Дардишта кадар на ДУИ се заканува со војна ако на нејзината партија не ѝ се дозволи да продолжи да ја силува државата! Ама ова во нашиот политички дискурс е потполно легитимно за разлика од фашизмот и нацизмот на Левица нели!?“

Soldier of Macedon 11-10-2021 05:23 AM

Don't expect much to change. For the political class in Macedonia, the treacherous concessions over the past few years are treated as the removal of pieces (i.e., obstacles) from a chessboard. This traitor is only jumping ship because he wasn't able to finish the game quick enough and obtain a firm accession date. Even if DPNE manage to form a new government, rest assured, the paramount objective of EU membership, at all costs, remains the same. The fact is, Mickoski and co. are grateful to Zaev, who "opened the path" for them by taking the reputational hit and doing the dirty work they quietly cheered on but were too scared to do themselves, not for fear of the act itself, but for fear of losing their voter base. They can now purport to be free from guilt whilst hypocritically validating the deeds of their predecessor, la DPNE vs SDS from the '90s.

Be under no illusion, Mickoski and co. will most certainly honour the fundamentals of the name-change agreement with Greece. Judging by their sycophantic worship of certain steppe-nostalgic politicians, they will also continue the current "negotiations" with Bulgaria in one form or another, especially if it furthers their primary goal. Not to mention anything about the unwarranted and disproportionate privileges afforded to ethnic Albanians. They will compromise on Macedonia, but not on their quest for that EU money. DPNE is hoping to ride back into power through an alliance with irredentist parties that would celebrate the death of the Macedonian republic and a leftist party that has divergent perspectives on Macedonian heritage. It doesn't take a genius to notice that one of the few positives in this whole fiasco, aside from the worst traitor in recent Macedonian history recusing himself, is the possibility that DUI will finally be excluded from governing the country.

Soldier of Macedon 11-10-2021 05:53 PM

Perhaps DPNE played their card too early. It's all redundant anyway. One maggot or the other, nothing changes. The northadonian circus continues.

Mickoski secured the support of 61 of parliament’s 120 lawmakers to bring a no-confidence motion to a vote. If all 61 also vote in favor of the motion Thursday, it would lead to the ouster of the government. Mickoski has said if his motion is successful, he will try to form a government himself, or request early elections if he fails. [B]However, his slim majority of one vote was challenged after a lawmaker who had initially supported the no confidence motion indicated he was no longer in favor. It was unclear how the lawmaker would vote[/B]. The 47-year-old Zaev, who has said he opposes holding early elections, said he would remain in office for “a short time” while political negotiations take place. He has said the governing coalition could pick a new prime minister to replace him without the need for a new general election.[/QUOTE]

Zoran Zaev, who announced he would step down following his party's poor results in local elections last month, says he will stay on in the job until the political situation stabilizes. Zaev made the announcement late on November 9 following a meeting of his Social Democratic Union's (SDSM) leadership, after opposition parties led by the right-wing VMRO-DPMNE filed a no-confidence motion in the government. "[B]I expect the parliamentary majority to stabilize, especially the majority that is for the EU, for a multiethnic society[/B]," he said. It was not clear how long his resignation would be postponed. The 120-seat parliament is scheduled to vote on the motion of no confidence in the government on November 11. VMRO-DPMNE has said that it and other opposition parties have secured the 61 votes in the legislature to bring down the government, while the ruling SDSM insists it will try to hold on to the support of at least 62 lawmakers. If the motion passes, President Stevo Pendarovski will have to appoint another politician who can command a majority in parliament to form a new government. On October 31, Zaev announced he would step down both as prime minister and SDSM leader after his center-left party suffered a defeat in mayoral elections, including in the capital, Skopje. But he insisted that the majority in parliament should continue until the next regular elections set for 2024.[/QUOTE]

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