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kompir 12-12-2018 05:39 AM

Need help identifying someone...
Hi guys,

This isn't a Macedonian topic/issue. I need help identifying who the person convicted was that this article refers to:


I have a client that has gone off grid and him and his business owe me a lot of money and there were words to the effect of that he'd committed some serious crime. I can seek recourse if I can prove he's committed an indictable offence.

My internet skillz aren't as sick as they used to be, if anyone can help finding out who the guy is via twitter and other social media, your help would be greatly appreciated.

sydney 12-12-2018 06:19 AM

Hey mate, I believe the recent high profile suppression orders being discussed on social channels relate to a cardinal and a gangland lawyer.

kompir 12-12-2018 06:26 AM

Thanks for the tip, the cardinal was the guy in the link, George Pell was convicted yesterday, but the County Court issued a suppression order:


So not my guy.

Any idea who lawyer X is?

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