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Thorvald 02-02-2009 03:29 PM

Good post, and I fully agree.

TrueMacedonian 02-23-2009 12:56 AM

An idiots response to Risto Stefov's articles

About ethnicity.
Istor the Macedonian February 21, 2009First, allow me introducing myself. I am a Macedonian, that is Greek from Macedonia and I defend Macedonians´ doubtless and timeless Greekness against Slavs of FYROM attempt to slavicize Macedonia and Macedonians. I cannot call Slavs of FYROM or any other non-Greek people as Macedonians because the last 3000 years we Greeks have that name for the Greeks of Macedonia. Thus I ´ll call them as SlavoSkopians. This term is not derogative at all, because this is exactly what they are. If they want to call them after another name let them tell me about. If that name includes the term Macedonian, they themselves must use that name as well.

I have read carefully the last seven articles of Risto Stefov about Greeks´ Greekness. He claims that Greeks who had no Greek origin are not Greeks. They are not legalized to defend Macedonian name against FYROM´s attempt to monopolize it, he says.

Sorry to say, the whole issue, as it is presented by the writer who is the most famous SlavoSkopian propagandist, is built upon the wrong ground.

Ethnicity is a matter of consciousness and is acquired by education and acceptance. Blood and dna are not related to ethnicity, at least within a race. This is obvious to us Greeks and known since the times of Herodotus and Issocrates. While Issocrates said that "Greeks are those who had and accepted Greek education". Whoever relates blood to ethnicity is racist. Loring Danforth is asking "How can a woman give birth to a Macedonian and a SlavoSkopian boys?". In an aristotelic manner, the same writer says " I belong to an ethnic group if I want it and they accept me". Believe me, no blood test is needed for that acceptance. Otherwise assimilation would be possible ONLY with intermarriages.

If I adopt and educate any SlavoSkopian children I ´ll make them proud Macedonians like me and not like Slavs of FYROM, for sure. In fact, if Slavs of FYROM allow us Greeks controlling their education system as Tito did, we will call them Macedonians, because this is what they will be after, lets say, 30 years. It is called brainwashing and leads to assimilation. This is what Tito did to them, during 40 years of leadership. He manipulated them, sometimes brutally.

We Greeks have assimilated many populations we have met here in Greece. Starting from Pelasgians, Thracians, Illyrians, ……. we continued with Romans, Slavs, Albanians ….. We did that mainly peacefully, due to the attractiveness of our Civilization ( including Christianity). We are still doing that today with all those economic immigrant children who go to Greek schools. Greeks by assimilation are not less Greek than "pure" Greeks. There is no purity in ethnicity, btw. There is scale, though. If SlavoSkopians object that, they must tell us where Dardanians, Illyrians, Peonians, Thracians, Greeks, ….. all ex inhabitants of FYROM, are.

Many Greeks have been assimilated by peoples around. Third and fourth generation Greeks of Australia, USA, Germany, …. are mostly assimilated by populations they live in. In the past, Greeks have been assimilated by Turks, Slavs, … mainly brutally.

Ethnicity is pride. Thus, Greek is whoever is proud of it. How people do show that pride around is in issue; lets talk about it.

Macedonian is whoever is proud of that campaign that Macedonians did to spread Greek Language and Civilization to the World. That campaign was the "trade mark" of Macedonian history and identity.

Language is the main objective ethnic indicator. That´s why language and ethnicity usually share the same name. I cannot belong to an ethnic group that I cannot communicate with, but for a while that is during assimilation.

So, we modern Greeks are as Greek as any ancient or future Greek. Because we are as proud as they were. We do show that pride around by sharing the same names, toponyms, ways, heroes, language and, or course, pride for that famous and glorious Macedonian campaign which motivated Plutarch to raving: [url][/url] ( passage 5 at least). Feel what Greeks feel when reading that passage!


Macedonian, therefore Greek

TrueMacedonian 02-23-2009 01:00 AM

Well what can I say.......I am laughing my head off at this retards ridiculous article. I am beside myself from laughing at Istorakis 3000 years of "hellenic" culture lol. I hope he writes more articles actually. This makes the modern "greek" look so bad that it helps our cause lol. Bravo to you Istor for a fine fine article. May modern "greece" keep adding toxins to your tap water.

osiris 02-23-2009 01:06 AM

let me say it for you, istors real name should be istran

Magedon 02-23-2009 01:58 AM

Morelike ISPRAN (mozok).

Actualy I find this article neither sad nor funny...I find it boring with a twist : ' blood and dna are not related to ethnicity - at least within a race '. seriosly, can ANYONE be more confused than this???

And your right, this poor fellow is actually doing a great favour to us, as he exposes the whole stupidity of the modern greek in glorious light. Am sure that if he was aware of this, he would have stopped humiliating his whole country publicly. I wonder what type of mental disorder he suffers from. Multiple person disorder syndrom, perhaps? His "Macedonian therefore Greek" signature makes this illness a serious candidate.

Macedonian therefore Macedonian.

Daskalot 02-23-2009 02:44 AM

Our dear Istor is at it again, bravo! Please give us more brilliant articles as this one, you are doing the job for us. :D

Soldier of Macedon 02-23-2009 03:51 AM

What an idiot. I hope many people read it, so they can see what sort of racist and deluded scum we are up against. Besides, everything he wrote, and in the manner which he did, will only serve to work against him and his bizzare crusade of idiocy.

Keep up the great work you moron.

Diabolical 02-23-2009 04:27 AM

LOL what an idiot... he is actually agreeing with the idea that Modern Greeks are not actually Greeks at all! According to his logic, if anyone can call themselves Greek, then why can't we "SlavoSkopians" call ourselves Macedonian??? Nopak eden, maybe tomorrow I'll call myself Japanese.

Dimko-piperkata 02-23-2009 05:01 AM

ISTOR for court jester...fools rush in where angels fear to tread.

what a goop [img][/img]

Napoleon 02-23-2009 07:31 AM

Istor (the Macedonian, therefore Greek) genius strikes again!!!

...I'm lost for words...

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