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TrueMacedonian 01-21-2010 10:51 PM

Destroying the Bulgarian myth of Macedonia in WWII
page 53

TrueMacedonian 01-21-2010 10:52 PM

Let's give a summary of the text here.

1) The Bulgarian occupiers feared Macedonian Autonomists.
2) Bulgaria had to implement propaganda campaigns in order to "Bulgarize" the Macedonians. Indeed if they were Bulgarians then why the need to "Bulgarize" the population?
3) The pictures todays Bulgarian propagandists love posting of Macedonians cheering for the Bulgarians did indeed happen. But not because the Macedonians felt "Bulgarian" but because the Macedonians wanted to break away from Serbian Chauvanism and terror that they endured for 3 decades. Pages 123-124 and footnote 4 on page 243 destroys this common myth spread all over the internet by Bulgarian propagandists.
4) The Bulgarians suppressed Macedonian culture and language in order to forcibly impose the use of Bulgarian and to forcibly Bulgarize the Macedonians.
5) Tito also feared of Macedonian autonomists ,who he condemned, which destroys the myth that Macedonians only felt Macedonian when Tito recognized Macedonia in 1943 as its own republic within Yugoslavia.

A side note. Notice the author makes mention of the supposed "greeks" in Aegean Macedonia,,, these "greeks" were not really ethnic "greeks" and were all certainly new-comers and johnny come latelys. See here - [url][/url]

Sorry Boogarians. At least you can say that a bulk of population is made up of Macedonians [url][/url]

Big Bad Sven 01-22-2010 12:07 AM

Bulgarian Rule in Macedonia 1941-1945

"Bulgarian troops took part in the invasion of Yugoslavia, and in the subsequent partition of that country Bulgaria was given the right to administer a large share of Yugoslav Macedonia; full ownership was to await a peace treaty at the end of the war.

When Greece was conquered the Bulgarians were given similar rights in eastern Macedonia and most of western Thrace, though much of Macedonia, including Salonika, remained under German control.

The Bulgarians had always regarded Macedonia as theirs by right. Their rule therefore saw the introduction of Bulgarian education, including the establishment of a university in Skopje, and the incorporation of Macedonia into the Bulgarian Church, However, they overplayed their hand: excessive centralization, draft, and corruption eventually made Sofia's emissaries as unpopular in Macedonia as their Serbian predecessors had been."

Oxford Companion to the Second World War (1995), pp.169-171

Big Bad Sven 01-22-2010 12:10 AM

The Boogarian Slavs where real good "friends" to the Macedonians weren't they......

The execution of the 12 young men from the village of Vatasa, near Kavadarci was carried out by the Bulgarian fascist army on 16 June, 1943.

Macedonian Song "Mi zaplakalo seloto Vataša"
[url=]YouTube - Macedonian Song "Mi zaplakalo seloto Vataša"[/url]

makedonin 01-22-2010 11:07 AM

That is interesting sumup.

Thanx TM.

TrueMacedonian 01-22-2010 12:30 PM

Thanks makedonin. And nice posts BBS.

TrueMacedonian 09-11-2010 11:53 PM

Bump. I wonder what some of you think about the first page posted and what Hitler said about the "Macedonian Question" being settled in Bulgaria's favour?

Bratot 09-13-2010 04:42 AM

The Bulgarian nazi propaganda:




In the town of Skopje was formed Bulgarian Central Committee for Macedonia, liberated from Serbian and Greek rule. This com*mittee has issued the following DECLARATION:

Macedonia is free! Free is Macedonia forever! The end of the rule under which Macedonia suffered until recently came. The cen*tury-long Macedonian oppression, Greek, Serbian, spiritual and po*litical and in XX century - economical and social, disappeared for* ever. One great ideal - f r e e d o m, for which Macedonia led a century-long struggle with unheard steadiness, and countless cher*ished sacrifices now, is reality.
The efforts of Tsar Boris III to bring this great cause to a happy outcome, was crowned with a final and brilliant success. [U]The leader of one great world revolution,[B] the leader of the great German nation ordered his glorious and victorious armies[/B], in collaboration with his ally Italy, to gain the freedom of our dear Motherland, our great martyr Macedonia.[/U]
Macedonia is free, and is already in the whole Bulgarian nation*al community. [U]The Bulgarian nation in Macedonia is deeply excit*ed, and full of joy and gratitude towards the Bulgarian Tsar, towards Boris III, lo the great leader of the German nation Adolph Hitler, and towards the Dutche - the creator of friendly Italy![/U]

[B]Long live Tsar Boris III!
Long live Adolph Hitler, the mighty leader of the great German nation!
Long live Benito Mussolini, The Dutche of ally Italy!
Long live [COLOR="Blue"]Freedom[/COLOR]! [/B]
Announcing the above declaration to all citizens from the town of Sirouga, and the region, we invite them to be ready for meeting of the Bulgarian armies, which could come any moment.
On 21 April this year was established the Bulgarian Campaign Committee by Bulgarians, citizens of Strouga.
All Bulgarian men and women, who live in Strouga and in the region, must help morally, and financially the Bulgarian committee. [U]The Bulgarian population is asked to meet the Bulgarian army with flowers and dressed in colourful national costumes from our region, and the houses to be decorated with Bulgarian flags.[/U]
Should the local committee of Strouga learn the time of the arriv*ing of the army in Strouga, all Bulgarians from the region will be informed immediately, so that they could participate in the official welcome of our native army. Therefore all Bulgarians have to be ready for this great moment.
From the Local Bulgarian Campaign Committee for Macedonia, Strouga.

CSA, fund 396, file 36, page 15. Original, typed

Bratot 09-13-2010 05:13 AM

The Bulgarian propaganda often uses this kind of propaganda photos to depict the Macedonian population as "liberated" and "celebrating" the occupation of the nazi allies Bulgarian armies:


But here is how the general celebration at the end of WW2 look liked after the Bulgarian troops were expelled:


A reception of the combatants of the [B]Fifteenth Macedonian Corps [/B]in Skopje, after finishing the final operations for liberation of Yugoslavia (spring 1945)

We see a huge difference, aren't we? :)

Bratot 09-13-2010 06:52 AM



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