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Originally Posted by Stojacanec View Post
When you get a person by the name of Valantes Athenasiou providing the research, you are going to get a Greek slant on everything.
Couldn't agree more Stojanec!

In the next video of the series the mention Prespa, Struma river, Crna, Monastir (Bitola) and the Irish fighting the Bulgarians (at the 3 minute mark):

Following on from that, here is one dedicated to Albania - Only a mention of "Western Macedonia" in passing. I did a search of their channel and there appears to be no video of a "Macedonia" only video:

Next video mentions Monastir and Lake Ohrid:

Mention of Crna River and I am guessing Veles (Velesevo?):

Another video briefly mentioning a few Macedonian regions - notably Monastir:

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