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The next video to feature mention of Macedonia (notably Bitola):

Starting in the 5 minute mark till 6ish

An interesting comment below the video:

Hey Indy and The Great War crew ! I love the channel and have been following it a since the beginning of this epic journey. I would like to add something of trivia to this, in the hopes of it reaching a mention in any context in future episodes perhaps. During the Balkan Wars and into the First World War specifically the Macedonian Front, the armies that fought against each other : Serbs, Greeks and Bulgarians had for the most part, Macedonian conscripts or rather, forced the people to fight against each other, resulting in a lot of tales of brothers fighting brothers for different countries because their villages or towns had been occupied and exchanged in between.

The Great War
4 years ago
+Michael Davchev are there some written sources about this or a particular story worth telling?

Michael Davchev
4 years ago
Apologies for replying so late, but I could try to find some written sources about this claim. The best I can find is the gravestones of people around the villages and cities that the front raged on like this one : . It reads :''Liskovski Petro b.1882-d.1970'' ''Ottoman soldier from 1910-1912'' ''Serbian soldier from 1914-1915'' ''Bulgarian soldier from 1916-1918'' .Summarizes the history of my people to its full extent thought the ages

Michael Davchev
4 years ago
I was told by my father that one of my great-grandfathers served in the Ottoman army, or rather was forced into by the blood tax, whose brother served in the Serbian army, who was then captured and forced to fight in the Bulgarian army. Both of whom died mere minutes from one another, fighting against each other on the raid and defense of the village they were born in.

Michael Davchev
4 years ago
As I said I can try to find written sources on the claims or perhaps find more gravestones stating the multiple servitude in various armies that warred against each other on the Macedonian territory, but as far as I know they are scarce because well, the people living here were either illiterate or simply didn't record stuff like this, which ended up in a lot of ''Unknown soldier'' graves. Or like the case of my family, changed a lot of surnames based on the patronymic naming system(ex:Ragnarrson like the Scandinavians use) to avoid the blood tax during Ottoman reign, or to avoid conscription by sounding like the occupant forces' typical surnames.

Michael Davchev
4 years ago
Not sure about the neutrality that this site in reference to the Macedonian question, but it does tell the sources below about each claim, most of these are during the fall of the Ottoman Empire, the Balkan Wars and during World War One


Edit: In the next video they mention how they kicked out the Germans and Bulgarians out of Bitola:

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