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Originally Posted by Soldier of Macedon View Post
A little .....but indirectly related nevetheless, as it retorts against an (more than likely) inaccurate assumption about many of the words in the modern Albanian language. So let's discuss...

Interesting post Pelister, after reading it, I did a little search. Check the below:

Shqipe (Eagle - in Albanian)
Shqiptar (People of the Eagle - in Albanian)
Sippar (Bird City - in Sumerian/Modern Iraq Location)

Needless to say, an eagle is a type of bird, hence there are some immediate links that can be established. I have often highlighted the similarity between some important Albanian words and how they correspond with Iranian words, the Sumerian language was arguably an Indo-European tongue and its closest relative is more than likely Iranian.
Thanks SoM. I was thinking along the same lines too. I think its a pretty close connection. I suppose now we can get back to the thread.

This smilie of Osama rocks.
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