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Originally Posted by George S. View Post
Onur I was talking to one pontian & they said virtually all the place names are greek,Gallipoli.Big city ,Instanbul??etcThey reckon it's all greek,there are not much turkish place names in turkey they are all greek virtually? .
Not all but few. Both Gallipoli and Istanbul city has been created during eastern Roman era and obviously these places have either Latin or Greek names.

But this is not the case for many cities in Anatolia. Before the excavations and the decipherment of Hittite language, most of the scholars was thinking like pretty much whole Anatolian cities had Greek names but in fact, we learned that so many cities was populated during Hittitian, Lydian, Hattian era, predating Greeks and the city names was same as today`s. These city names existed on Hittite tablets from 1500-1700 BC. I remember few of those cities like Adana, Angora (Ankara), Antioch (Antakya). So, Romans copied the names from Hittites with a slight letter change and then Turks did the same.

Today, we have 11.000 year old archeological history in Anatolia. The oldest written records are from Hittite language around 1800 BC, predating Greeks by many centuries. Eastern Romans were just the previous rulers here before Turks, thats it. Greeks didn't create Anatolia from scratch because this is the oldest place on earth in terms of archeological history.

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