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they might be part of a pre-Latin substrate that was in the area like the Italo-Illyrian bridge or something but not sure..the Albanians may be a similar output of the Illyro-Thracian bridge both seem to be somwhat related to Romanians which are part of the same phenomenon..vlachs are an odd phenomenon my view is mayb they are the result of a scattered tribe that took on various forms depending on the territories they migrated towards. There are some interesting views of Barabas Latinist school. What I conclude is that the "greek" or whatever element is really superficial and mostly a political-church term in these regions has nothing to do with the peoples natural cultures, once you do the appropriate dialectical reductions and historical-phenomenol reductions.. So I consider the terms "greek", "bulgarian" etc to be ideological labels and power constructs.

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