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Originally Posted by Prolet View Post
Tajnata Kinga, Its ov or ev its Goce Delcev not Gotse Deltcheff

Vangelovski, True however you surly had information about how the organization was going to be financed its a long term plan, they dont survive on the amount of members they have surly. Metodija said in an interview that they had just over 4000 members and over 50,000 supporters world wide.

El Bre, Spolaj Ti we had a similar problem before when we lost our church Sveti Kiril i Metodij to the Bulgarians, we also lost a church to the Serbs so enough is enough.
I think Meto is way overstating UMDs membership and support. New funding from outside sources can come along at any stage. UMD certainly did not have that type of funding while I was there.
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