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Post Proof so called "Greek's" are TurkoShiptari (TurkoAlbanian's).

First president of Gayreece (Hell Ass) was a
Shiptare called "Gjeorgjio Kountouriotis".

Proof the national dress of the Gayreek Gypsies
from Gayreece (Hell Ass) is Shiptare (Albanian).

Their national Skull Hat if Gayreece (Hell Ass) is
Shiptare (Albanian). atch%3Fv%3DpgKaTO63JW8%26feature%3Dfvst&feature=fv st&v=pgKaTO63JW8&gl=US

The national Folklore of Gayreece (Hell Ass) is

Proof the Parthenon was used as a Mosque.

The Gayreek Gypsies are not a pure race cause
they exchanged their people with Christian Turk's
who wanted to be Gayreek Gypsies with Muslim
Gayreek Gypsies who wanted to be Turk's during
the Ottoman Empire times.


The flag of Gayreece (Hell Ass) is the same
flag as the English/Indian Colony Flag.

Greek flag.

'Greece' was thus >>>----> INVENTED as a
backdrop to contemporary European art and
imagination, a historical precursor of many
Disneylands to come.' THE INVENTION of fantastical modern 'Greece"
demanded that its people also remained
('Modern Greece built on myth' by GEORGE
ZAKARDAKIS.The Washington Post, Nov.12, 2011)

Greece had a German king called King Otto but when he went to Greece, all he saw was Shiptari and said, and I quote: "Where are all the Greek's?, There are just Shiptari here".

King Otto of Greece.

More so called "Greek's" of Shiptare origin.

More proof so called "Greek's" are "TurkoShiptari". tch%3Fv%3D0X9a_Z-bT3I&desktop_uri=%2Fwatch%3Fdesktop_uri%3Dhttp%253 a_Z-bT3I%26v%3D0X9a_Z-bT3I%26gl%3DUS client%3Dmv-google%26v%3DD_9uS7lCXW4 guid=&client=mv-google ture%3Drelated&v=Y21o2RDKaDI&desktop_uri=%2Fwatch% %252Fwatch%253Fv%253DY21o2RDKaDI%2526feature%253Dr elated%26feature%3Drelated%26v%3DY21o2RDKaDI%26gl% 3DUS op_uri=%2Fwatch%3Fgl%3DUS%26hl%3Den%26client%3Dmv-google%26v%3DW2qtgf5xMwg%26fulldescription%3D1
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