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Default UMD's real agenda

Don't be fooled by UMD.

Who they claim to be and what they claim to stand for closely resembles the old Bulgarian and Greek organizations who fooled the average Macedonian that they were on our side, and working in the interests of Macedonians.

Take a closer look at UMD.


1. Believes the dispute is legitimate
2. Believes Greece has legitimate grievances
3. Believes that Greeks can be Macedonians too
4. UMD Believes the Macedonian leadership MUST CHANGE THE NAME if it is to survive.
5. Meto himself has set out to "revise" Macedonian History. He believes the modern idea of "Macedonian Nationality" includes Greeks, Albanians and others and is trying to prove that this has always been the case historically.
6. UMD "staged" a petition. UMD falsely and deceptively portrays its membership base by referring to the number of signatures on this petition.
7. UMD is a political club and its membership base is TINY. It is NOT the voice of the Macedonian diaspora even though it deceptively claims to be. The Macedonian leadership and politicians and Macedonians everywhere need to be aware of this fact.
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