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Thorvald is on a distinguished road

Originally Posted by Soldier of Macedon View Post
Germanic warrior?
Ofcourse. Iam a Germanic in the first place

I took the name after:

Thorvald Ericsson (old Icelandic: Žorvaldr Eirķksson) was the son of Eric the Red and brother of Leif Ericsson. According to the sagas, he was part of an expedition for the exploration of Vinland.

As he was unloading his longboat, for no apparent reason, a "Uniped," as the saga calls it, ran up to Thorvald and shot him in the belly with a bow and arrow, a wound which led to his death. His last words were said to have been, "This is a rich country we have found; there is plenty of fat around my belly. We've found a land of fine resources, though we'll hardly enjoy most of them."

I've a great interest in the Nordic Germanic tradition, culture, linquistics and history.
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