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Originally Posted by Amphipolis View Post
What exactly did Lithoxoou, the Turkish and the Albanian authors do?
This is an Ottoman census which includes taxed Orthodox Christian families; divided in Albanians (Arnavud) and Greeks (Rum). Other Orthodox Christians are not mentioned (they are counted as 'Rum'). It is the same census we saw last year about the northwestern Morea:
It divided in two defters; one which includes North-Western Peloponnesus (in the link above), the other one the rest of the Peloponnesus. The total estimation by Georgios Liakopoulos:
7103 Families as RUM/ROMIOI 58/59%
4900 Families as Albanians/Arvanites 42/41%

Which era does that refer to?
It refers to 15th century, from 1460 to 1463
Which area and which Ottoman or Greek census data?
The whole Peloponnesus. The defter is called Livāʾ-ı Mora.
Lastly, do they classify and count population of villages only? Do they exclude towns and cities?
According to Lithoksou it includes towns two. This explains why Greeks zones being much smaller in number result in having the larger number of families in total.


One other thing that comes to my mind is that Albanian families having higher birth rates would have resulted in having a bigger population in total.

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