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Originally Posted by Amphipolis View Post
Do you have a link of the "other" part of the census, as it seems the added numbers of the two databases are not the whole of Peloponnese but less than half of it (i.e. NW and central).
I don't but I did find something that might clear things up. Unfortunately, I lost the link.

The databases do not include the entire number of Christian families. The total number of Christian families of Morea during that time probably stood above 20,000. But let me do a calculation:
Northwest Peloponnese constitutes (Achaia and Ilia) which is about a quarter (or less) of Peloponnesian land. The total number of NW Peloponnese families was 3500. If we multiply 3,500 by 4 we get 14,000, which is close to total number families in the census. (12,000)

Secondly, I'm a little confused on who made the classification to Romans & Arvanites. At some part it seems the Turkish documents classified each village, in other parts it is implied this is a result of calculations (the two ethnic groups paid for some reasons different taxes) or a process of the surnames recorded for each village?
Ottomans favoured Albanians for the tax pay so for this reason Greeks and Albanians were distinguished. The classification was made according to language of the zone in which Ottomans had to communicate with.

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