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Of the Getai, Procopius wrote:

“They believe there is one god, that of lightning, creator of all; they believe him to be sole lord, and they sacrifice oxen and all sacrificial animals to him.”

Herodotus wrote this about the Getai around 1,000 years earlier:

“These same Thracians also shoot arrows up towards the sky when thunder and lightning come, and use threats to the god, not believing that there exists any other god except their own.”

This may explain the large number of cranial fractures found among Dacian burial sites and why modern Romanians tend to get very nervous when it rains.

Gebeleizis was the name of the Gothic sky god, as preserved in the Achaean creole language. This mythical figure was also referred to as Nebeleizis. Nebo means sky and giba means the stirring of things, a word associated with movement and motion among the Pelasgian languages.

Aristotle was a Macedonian philosopher. The ancient Macedonian kingdom was regarded as being populated by Illyrians and Thracians. Aristotle described God (no ‘s’) as the first mover, the first cause. Could it be that one of the great minds of the Ancient Period was influenced by a well established body of thought on the subject to the north of Athens?

How is it that the ethnicity of the father of scientific classification came to be misclassified by Western researchers? What knowledge and whose knowledge did the libraries of Pella hold?
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