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Point 4 questions what is a fair compromise.
Does anyone see a possibility of the occupied territories ever being given back even if the Macedonian identity and the minorities were recognised. This is an important question because depending on how it is answered leads to other questions. This begs the question can the identity be different from the name of the republic and if so is this a path we would consider a viable option.

I can think of North and South Korea where the name of the country is different to the ethic identity ie Korean. If the Macedonian identity were recognised as Macedonian and not the trick name Greece has sometimes been reported to have suggested Makedonski. donít think that just because to us Makedonski means Macedonian that it does to the rest of the world. A rose by any other name is not a rose. Could we become Macedonians from North Macedonia. Could we also say that if this happens then the Macedonian part in Greece becomes South Macedonia.

The obvious problem to this apart from would Greece recognise a Macedonian minority is who the becomes a South Macedonian. What do the Greeks who live in the Greek part of Macedonia who now refer to themselves as Macedonians call themselves. Do they become simply Greeks or Greek Macedonians or South Macedonians.
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