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Originally Posted by makedonche View Post
Good questions, what it does show is that if they can get us to bend/change accept North Macedonia, it then provides them with the tools and power to continue the division, to establish a South Macedonia or worse still a Greek Macedonia. I don't believe they will call it South Macedonia, my firm belief is "Greek Macedonia" - which fits in very nicely with all their bullshit they have been spreading for a long time. The most current phrase and Greek propoganda going around that I hear regularly is "are you Greek Macedonian? if not you must be Skopian". This is very clever propoganda - first they create a problem with our name (which didn't pose a problem until it changed from the Socialist Republic of Macedonia - to ROM), then they create confusion by claiming there is a macedonia in greece which has always been greek since ancient times - and rename their areas to accomodate this(Macedonia signs go up everywhere). Then they cause more confusion by claiming to be macedonians ( politicians who are Albanian or from Crete claiming to be born macedonian and macedonian blood runs through them and they will die macedonian) then they say there is no such thing as macedonian it's always been greek. They keep throwing this rubbish together and stirring it up and serving it up to any gullible fool stupid enough to swallow it!
Nice post makedonche.
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