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Most of the other forum's images seem to be from illustrated calendars and postcards issued by the Ilinden organization.

I did the same thing with those images as I did with the one you initially posted and found a version of the first two without the alamy watermarks:

Alamy stock photos has a fair few historical images in the results for Illinden:

Basically if the alamy watermarks are too bothersome you can take the pictures there, drag and drop them into google images and then grab a better version from among the results. If you can't copy paste it from the site or don't want to go to it, you can drag and drop the image next to the link into a new tab and you'll have it as a google image result, where you can click view image to get an idea of the full size, like I did with the image below.

Back to the image you first posted, I can't quite tell which historical Macedonians are pictured on the bottom, though the first three portraits seem to be saints Cyril and Methodius, saint Clement and Basil II, while Gotse Delchev is the 6th:

Something I noticed while trying to find a depiction of Cyril and Methodius where both their beards were dark is that the Macedonian sun is in the background of their portrait.

I can't make out the signature but it definitely says 1923 in the lower right corner of the image above the portraits. You might be able to find a matching, more legible signature on other images. Between the 5 places it shows up in google, it'd have to be posted independently at least two-three of those times without knowledge of the other postings which seem to agree on its origins.

Also that's a lion on the shield right? And the Phrygian helmet is noteworthy as well. The throne has lions engraved on the armrests and eagles sitting on the back. The chainmail seems anachronistic though.
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