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Originally Posted by Amphipolis View Post
Uh… according to the official Albanian data, Greek was the biggest minority (around 2,5%) in the post-war period and now they are 0,9% while Vlachs (Aromanians) are about 0,3%. Gypsies are also 0,3%.

The problem is that the Greek Party has taken more than 4% in elections (that was its’ highest percentage in mid-90s). Orthodox Christians are 6,7%.
Vlach and Hellene does not fit well together. In a historical context; the ancient Hellenes were assimilated in Romans when Christianization took over, before Slavic migration. By the first Millennium the Slavs were the majority in the Byzantine Empire. However to call the region that name it was given is acceptable. In few words you are Vlachs of Northern Epirus.

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