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SIGNS in Macedonia:

In Skopje's historic center. What was the purpose of the Albanian version? What is the goal here? It's like "First we will call the Albanian population, then the Macedonians, and finally at last we will call foreign tourists to Skopje's historic monuments." Obviously, attracting tourists was not the goal here when they installed this sign:

Street Signs in Skopje. English versions have been replaced with Albanian:

Skopje ZOO. This is pathetic. The Albanian name of every animal at the zoo, along with the Albanian flag, has been added for all of the animals at the Skopje Zoo. What would have happened if there was no Albanian flag or Albanian word for "Jaguar"? Is the Albanian language going to become extinct? Again, politics is involved here:

Schools are being renamed. This elementary school in Skopje was called "Edinstvo", now it has been renamed with the Albanian word "Fidani"

The Macedonian government is building sports halls across the country. In the Tetovo area, a new sports hall was built with the name LIRIA. This is the Albanian word for "Freedom" (what kind of freedom?). But notice that the Macedonian version is not "Sloboda", it is still in Albanian but with Cyrillic.

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