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Originally Posted by Liberator of Makedonija View Post
Hey everyone, I recently picked up Misirkov's famous book published in 1903 and I had some questions I was hoping someone could shed some light on.

In the section of the book where Misirkov discusses the effects and consequences of the Illinden Uprising, he claims that 'the main members of the commitee are the same people who call themselves Bulgarian'. I assume this refers to the governing commitee of VMRO, is Krste suggesting that the leaders of VMRO decalred themselves to be Bulgarians or is he suggesting that many of the commitee have sold out their original Macedonian ideals in order to appease Bulgaria, who were funding VMRO? He claims that Tatarchev was a patriotic Macedonian but now claims he is Bulgarian, so this is why I'm not sure what exacty Krste is suggesting. I know you need to understand the context of the time when reading old texts like this and I feel I understand most of them but this one flies over my head a bit.
That is a good question. To briefly sum it up, in the months and couple years before the Illinden uprising, those Macedonians belonging to the external Macedonian committee, as well as some Bulgarians, managed to basically slither their way into control of the internal Macedonian committee. They also managed to influence some Macedonians of the internal committee of the "friendliness" or honesty of Bulgaria. The internal committee leadership was now becoming a pawn of The external committee, which was influenced by Bulgarian interests. Macedonians like Delchev, Sandanski, Petrov and Misirkov were against this take over and especially against an uprising in 1903. They didn't believe Macedonians were ready to actually defeat the Turks. The other leaders also knew this, but they hedged their bets on European intervention.

I hope that helps. Not to plug my book, but to plug it, I wrote about this conflict between the external and internal committees in a few chapters of my book The Macedonian Resurrection. I think it can be a very confusing topic because the external committee was the one that received most of the publicity in the western media during that time period. In reality, the two committees were almost constantly feuding.Delchev and Petrov especially had a hatred for them, and Sandanski began opposing the internal committee leaders once the Bulgairans and external committee members took it over.
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