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This doesn't change much what I said, that there were NO Vlach villages in Peloponnese, by the 18th or 19th century, i.e. periods for which we have plenty of information.

I don't know much about Vlachs, e.g. how quickly they establish settlements or how quickly they vanish, but here's a funny video from Argolis. This is a different village called Limnes (i.e. Lakes) and is unrelated to Tracheia. Both villages are suspiciously at the top of mountains.

In the video which is from the 1990s, old women sing old Greek and Arvanite songs, which suggest they are Arvanites. The surname of all these people is Vlachos. Some have the alternate surname Burtzos which is now considered a derogatory word (burtzovlachos means the lowest type of peasant).
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