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Originally Posted by Pelister View Post
Hey SoM,

I found this in one of my books.

I hate it when the authors us the term "Slav" as a synonym for the term "Sklavenoi". Anyway ...

A Sklavonian chieftain, Chilbuldius, became a Roman commander, and one of their best. He was a Thracian, of Sclavonian origin, defending northern Thrace from Sclavonian marauders. (Proc.Wars vii. 38. 17).

Some of the Sclavonian tribal chiefs who had contact with the East Roman empire.


Chilbuldius was the Master of Soldiers in Thrace, under Justinian.

Ardagastus and Musocius were titled as REX of Slavs.

I would add to this list Mesamir, Kelagast, Pirogast.

The history of Russian literature, with a lexicon of Russian authors, by Friedrich Otto from 19th century.
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