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Default Decisive blow to the gigantic greek manipulations with the history

Today was promoted d-r Petar Popovski’s book titeled

Stolen history – documented facts on the greec usurpation of ancient Macedonian history, culture and civilization

The promotion was held in the “Miladinovi Brothers” library. The book has 1200 pages in two volumes. It was said that it will be translated in English. If it happens, I think it will be the decisive blow to the gigantic greek manipulations with the history.

There are 4 key theses in the book:

1-The ancient Greeks (Helenes) and the ancient Macedonians were 2 different peoples.
2-The ancient Macedonians and the nowdays Macedonians are same people.
3-The migration of the peoples in Europe was from South toward North, not the opposite.
4-Not only Slavic peoples are originated from the Macedonians, but also all other
european nations and, in fact, the wite race itselves

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