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Originally Posted by Bill77 View Post
Please note the following work is not mine. The only credit i will take is the research, editing and compilation of the bits of research that i post in diferent periods.

1832 "Independence Day"

QUOTE: "Modern Greece has had a rather “idiosyncratic history,” as the first Greek Nobel laureate, George Seferis, has noted."
"A country created as the result of German philhellenism and Slavophobia, on the one hand, and British and French realpolitik against the Ottoman Empire, on the other, Greece was established as a sovereign nation in 1832, after a war for independence that lasted roughly eight years (1821 – 29). The notion of the sovereign nation ought to be taken judiciously in the case of Greece, however, as a foreign (German, indeed, Bavarian) king was installed by the Great Powers, followed by a royal family with kinship ties to the British and Danish throne, intermarrying, eventually, with both the Russian and the German royal lines".
Well, maybe you should re-edit the posts and mention the authors. For instance, one might have thought that all the blue part is a quote by Seferis.
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