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Originally Posted by Spartan View Post
Explain to me how a nation, whos army had just been devestated, had the power to force the nation that defeated it into anything?

On what planet do the defeated dictate peace terms to the victors during treaty negotiations?

I trust your response will contain even more garbage than your above statement.

But hey, Im curious to see if your bullshit has any bounds.

It was because of the horrible condition created by "Megali Idea". Maybe because we saw your actions when you invaded Aegean Anatolia and we feared that you gonna perform genocide upon 600.000 Turks in Greece after your Megali dreams was over. I think you don't wanna enter another argument with me about who demanded and forced for the population exchange since i`ve proved it to you several times.

Also we fought vs Bavarian King`s army at 1821 then we fought vs British in Aegean Anatolia at 1922. We also negotiated with the British in Lausanne at 1923. You Greeks were just peons.

P. S: Ohhhh, whatta coincidence!, we also doing so-called peace negotiations with the EU in Cyprus right now.

...had the power to force the nation that defeated...
Are you sure that Greece are really a nation? In the books i`ve read, it says that the primary criteria to be a real nation is independence and sovereignty.

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